The Smithsonian May Purchase Shepard Fairey’s Obama Portrait

Have to give a shout to Supertouch for this info.  Looks like the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest and most respected museum, is in talks to purchase Shepard Fairey’s giant Obama portrait for their National Portrait Gallery.  The piece was created for the Manifest Hope gallery show, and it carries a $75,000 price tag.  Word is the museum is close to raising this figure through donations, so this may be nearing reality.  This is a huge step for street art, and the poster/print scene in general.  Told you the Obama art campaign was a big deal.

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  1. This is fantastic news. Congratulations to Shepard!!

  2. When was the last time that a president was positively viewed from the eyes of a progressive street artists? Sure there is m ad hype around Obey/Shepard, but it really is a sign of the times. He might not be the most talented artists in the world, but he was in the right place at the right time; that says a lot. Imagine a booming music movement: the radio picks up some radio friendly new punk music(imagine yourself in the late 70’s) and your a three chord band playing CBGB’s(i’m imaging the Ramones). In all traditional music senses, it blows big time. However, the connection made with the youth, as well as, striking a chord in the general sense of it, creates public awareness of a greater movement happening. Shepard is only the messenger….an icon of the election, and that in itself is timeless. I could go further on about futures influences, but at risk of foot in mouth disease, i’ll stop.

    Congrats Shep, may you pave the way for others.

  3. agreed – Congrats Shep – What an honor – From Stickers in R.I to fly posting to this – what a story.

  4. I will chuck $5000 in to the OMG Poster pot to see if we can raise the $75K and buy it for ourselves.

    Now that’s BIG TIME Flipping.

  5. I was under the impression that this piece sold for much much more during the Manifest Hope gallery event. Could be possible the owner is now selling it but I doubt that.

  6. I am proud.

  7. I’m pretty sure the pricetag on this piece was $150K and it sold at the show months ago. This is weird news.

  8. obama is aweome!

    shepard fairey is a plagiarist.

  9. This is awesome news.

    I, like others here have pointed out, heard this went for way more. Anyone know who this is being purchased FROM?

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  11. Dammmmmnnnnnnnn! Kudos to Shepard!

  12. This blurb is probably misleading…usually artists sell works to museums at for large discounts because of the prestige that comes with having your work in a major collection. My guess is that it has that “price tag” specifically for the Smithsonian.

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