“Could Find My Way To Mariana” Art Print by Surrender

Surrender has just put a brand new art print up for sale.  “Could Find My Way To Mariana” is available for preorder through Friday, November 14th for only $25 shipped.  It’s a 9.25″ x 24.5″ screenprint.  The full edition will be announced on Saturday, but it will not exceed 100 pieces.  After the preorder period, the print will cost $30 plus shipping, so now is a good time to grab it.  Visit the Surrender Art Shop.

2 Responses to ““Could Find My Way To Mariana” Art Print by Surrender”

  1. Another awesome, underrated print from Surrender

  2. So surrender was so excited about how quick these sold he’s going to give everyone who preordered one another print for free! How cool is that?

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