New Obey Art Print: “Duality Of Humanity 4”

Shepard Fairey and the folks at Obey Giant are geared up to release the fourth installment in their “Duality of Humanity” series, the third collaboration with photographer Al Rockoff.  “Duality of Humanity 4” will drop sometime during Monday, November 17th.  Keep your eyes on

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  1. yo, i’m very excited about this one!

  2. Princess—>

    I found that several days ago. Read it myself.

  3. server crashing… the shit is not even up!

  4. think yourselves lucky – I’m in the UK – 12.15am and still no sign of anything! I gotta work tomorrow 🙁

  5. its up. i clicked buy and shopping carts empty here i go again

  6. This one is taking some time to sell out… everyone is running into horrific store crashes

  7. ya i know.

  8. I got the conformation email….im excited

  9. Obey’s server is fucking lame and checking all day today was annoying. Now it’s taking like 10 mins to go to the next page. I doubt I’ll be able to get one…Great, ‘Network Timeout’… Last time for DOH 3, I got to the Paypal paying part and shit got cut off. I was not happy. I was shocked I got one of those signed Victory poster, but I guess’s server was prepared to get flooded, but not obeygiant…

    Shit timed out again, I’m done. Good luck folks.

  10. Why don’t they upgrade the server or the store or whatever it is that’s the problem? We all know they gotta have the money. Do they just not care?

  11. what an emotional rollercoaster ride, it took me an hour and a half just to get one. I had the same problems as Jojo. hang in there for anyone still trying. good luck and good night!

  12. I got to the Paypal log-in page and guess what, NETWORK TIMEDOUT! Same shit as last time and now is sold out. Nice.

  13. Got to Paypal a few times. Timedout again and again. Never actually been able to get any the prints I like from his site. Looks like I’ll be paying big bucks on ebay.

  14. obey has the lamest print sale program on the planet. they take loyal customers and fans, make us sit around all day waiting, and then go through an outrageous ordeal of trying to get a print into the checkout and purchase. surely they can get a server that works or find another way to sell their stuff. hopefully they’ll improve their set up and service the people who helped get them where they are. i can’t afford the $16,000 paintings at the art gallery, but i’d really love to be able to get a $50.00 print without such a hassle. please fix things guys!

  15. Found this today about shepard fairey on super touch very interesting read

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