“Yes We Did” Obama Victory Posters by Shepard Fairey Available Now (Open Edition)

In what could definitely be viewed as bullsh*t by the people that ordered the limited edition Shepard Fairey “Yes We Did” Obama Victory posters, MoveOn has offered up an open edition version of the same image.  It is a 24″ x 36″ offset, and appears to be on slightly lower quality paper stock.  You can get one copy by making a $20 donation, two for $35, or three for $50.  Visit MoveOn.org.

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  1. that is such an epic dick move its almost commendable and im almost not upset.

    still, wow.

  2. Total bull. Agree with wow, though. Almost impressive.

  3. So….what exactly did they mean by limited edition?? Total BS!

  4. Yep! Thats basically a complete, go fuck yourself, we just want your money.

  5. they should change their name to “moron” instead of “moveon”

  6. total BS, they suck. squeezing every dollar they can out of this one


  8. id really love to hear a statement from either party about why they didnt feel the need to announce they were going to make it an open edition, i dunno, BEFORE they sold a million dollars worth of “limited” prints

    still, we all got pwned HARD.

  9. wow is accurate not surprising though. be nice to hear a statement detailing the value of our “limited edition” posters…

  10. Man I paid $500 dollars for this print and now it sells for $20 we need to contact moveon and Fairey and let them know this is unacceptable! This is robbery, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  11. Where as I can agree as a collector this is false advertising, considering how many of the posters turned up on eBay for double or triple the price, I can see why MoveOn would do it. There is enough demand and some people could not get in on them when they could. They did make these not numbered nor signed so they are different than the first round.

  12. moveon.org is one of the most despicable organizations out there imho…they really don’t care about anything except their agenda….they are basically a propaganda machine

  13. they try to get money for a cause not satisfy some flippers

  14. Handbags !

  15. added bonus burn points for the “3 FOR $50” deal. just to cheapen it a bit more.


  16. To jefe
    for your “considering how many of the posters turned up on eBay for double or triple the price, I can see why MoveOn would do it.” statement, i have something want to say about it. first of all, i dont think they dont know the demand of it at the beginning, they should know this better than we do actually ! 2nd of all, do you know they sent out email asking people how much they would pay for this poster before they put the price tag on it, those price are like 250, 200, 150 sth, AND they actually ask for $20 at the beginning when it first came out !!!! so basically, this is just a scam, simple as that, they are trying to get as much as they can,

  17. Total dick move, but I blame Shep Fairey more than MoveOn for this, the latter don’t know anything about the printmaking and collecting market. OBEY on the other hand… I’ve never liked Mr. Fairey or his artwork much, I’ve never bought or even considered buying any of his stuff before; if I wanted some Soviet propaganda posters I’ll just go buy originals, they’re plenty ironic themselves.

    I finally bit the bullet because I was swept up in the Obama madness and now this bullshit. He knew exactly how pissed we’d all be as a result of this and I’m sure he knows where he can shove it.

  18. leaving the S&N ones out of this completely. any argument that was was to counter flippers is immediately countered by the fact that 4000 $90 unsigned prints were not bought by 4000 flippers. that people gave money for what they were told was limited, and it wasnt. at all.

  19. wow is exactly right. it isnt about flippers (i don’t think anyone on here that got one was going to flip it)…it is about being told you are paying $90 (or even $500) for a limited edition print just to turn around a couple days later and be able to get 3 for $50 of the same print!!

  20. What. The. F**ck.

    I dished $510 for signed and numbered print.

    Learning lessons sting.

  21. “These 5,000 limited edition prints are 24″ x 36″ and are offset printed on French Paper Company’s Cream Speckletone stock under the artist’s supervision….”


    Out of curiosity, what does this do to the value of the signed and numbered Yes We Did prints?

  22. Dude – They are a business not camped in our little poster world.

    They wake up and have 33 box’s left.
    Steve the campaign poster manager speaks to Lilly and all agree to sell them off cheap as he is in now. Also sell the key fobs and nodding Obama dogs cheap whilst you are at it Lilly.

    And that my friends is that.

    I only feel sorry for one dude here – Pissed – he paid $500 for the whole deal – They should protect him.

    The rest of us flippers are just pissed that we wont make our margin (I am )

  23. This is BS. I think I may try to call Mastercard to dispute my charge as “item not described” or “false advertising”, if I ever get the thing. I emailed moveon and asked for my money back.

  24. Can everyone just use their regular handles instead of “pissed off” and “wow”? Everytime you use a new name, I have to go in and approve the comment.

  25. Hey PISSED OFF, i created an e-mail: obeyobama123@live.com

    E-mail me there. We both are in the same situation.

    Like to talk to figure it out.

  26. “wow is exactly right. it isnt about flippers (i don’t think anyone on here that got one was going to flip it)…”


  27. to be fair, their original listing did not explicitly state that: ‘this image will not be printed again’.

    i highly doubt this will effect the value of the s/n prints, as it’s really apples and oranges, and those that want s/n prints are still going to shell out the big money to get them.

    it’s simple, move on saw that flippers were making 5-10x the price on ebay, which means that demand obviously outstripped the supply, so they, the owners of the image, reprinted it so they could make they money to support their own agenda.

    can you blame them? put yourself in their shoes, what would you do?

  28. This is a story i would like to follow, see how well pissed and obey manage.

  29. I’m not sure what to do.

    If I put it on ebay for buy it now @ $500, do you think someone would go for it?

    I’m torn. I feel cheated. But then again I have a signed and numbered higher quality print.


  30. I feel cheated too. I got the signed and numbered one. I’m just hoping that it is still worth anything with so many unsigned, unnumbered ones now.
    Has anyone looked at ebay? $125, $175 for a $20 poster? That is sick. Sick because buyers are so ill-informed, and because these sellers are so morally bankrupt. I’m not sure how we are supposed to reconcile that.

  31. I got screwed too, on the unsigned print, and while it really sucks I wonder if it’s bad in the long run…for flippers it probably is.

    When you look at art collectors they always want the original LE works. Plenty of artists have their works made into cheaper posters and I wouldn’t think that affects price of the original. Granted that usually happens much later than 2 days after the original sells.

    The biggest thing for me is that I really loose faith in both moveon and Shepard. It was totally misleading. While I still would have wanted a numbered print I don’t know if I’d throw $90 down knowing that the market would be flooded with cheaper versions.

    Also knowing that moveon would do something so scummy makes me not want to give them the “donation” that I did in order to get the print.

  32. Sell

  33. Without knowing whether or not Shepard was aware or in approval of a second open edition, I have trouble placing all of the blame on his shoulders. Since all of the Obama artwork he produced was done as a donation, I doubt he attributed licenses or usage to any of it. Because if he’s trying to raise as much money as possible for the campaign and it’s sister foundations, why would you limit the usage? I’d be willing to bet that the artwork was given exclusively to MoveOn.org without any licenses in place whatsoever.

    And I seriously doubt Shepard would whole-heartedly agree to this. He knows he has a loyal fan-base, and he absolutely knows how bad this would piss them off had they invested in the previous edition. My guess is that MoveOn.org is just milking the artwork for every penny they can squeeze out of it. However, they do need to be made aware of what a poor decision this was and how it adversely affects their message and agenda.

  34. Probably one of the few people happy by this news. I didn’t love the print and didn’t think it was worth $50. $20 shipped is something I can do to “complete the collection.”

    Sucks for everyone else. I certainly sympathize with the anger

  35. I am sooo pissed! I have already contacted Moveon.org and I am getting ready to try to send this link to Obey just so they can see how upset people are. How could you do that? I am stunned.

  36. I have to agree it is lame and hopefully they cut it short. But, there are thousands of the hope, progress, abe thin stock print/paster/posters out there but the actual editions seem to hold the value. The signed version may not be hurt by this as it is the one most would want as a collector…the pasters are also cheap and not nearly as nice…who knows…still sucks!

  37. Buy It Now @ 500

    People on ebay are going to think I’m joking if I put it up at that price.

  38. $100, $150 “buy it now”s saying it’s “extremely rare” but then having a quantity of 10? WTF? Are ebay buyers really this stupid?

  39. Just sent this to info@obeygiant.com

    “I am pretty sure that I am not just speaking for myself when I say that moveon.org has completely ripped people off in your name and you were obviously in on it. I was one of the suckers who purchased a supposedly “limited edition” print of your yes we did poster for $90.00 assuming I was getting a limited piece of history that I could hang on my wall and be proud to be one of the few to own one. Little did we all know that it would be released two days later for about $70.00 less and in mass production. What a blatant insult to all of the people who donated hard earned money assuming they were getting something that was special and it was all a lie. This is so amazingly f***** up that I don’t even know what else to say. I was a huge fan of Shepard Fairey and this just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and it reeks of greed. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

  40. i love it!

  41. Wow. That is all I can really say about these comments.

  42. Big Stinking Pile of shit!

  43. I’m so pumped I paid the extra 400- for this signed. i didn’t even mean to just the unsigned sold out so fast and this was my only option.

  44. POLL:

    I have the signed/numbered Yes We Did print on the way.

    I was planning to frame it and keep it.

    I got f***ed.

    Should I sell it on ebay?

  45. LOL Waghhh, my limited edition print that I bought 10 of, is not so limited.

    Funny how reprints has happened with a few artists recently and nobody gets upset, yet everybody is whining about this one.

    Get over it, there is so many obama prints out its borderline disgusting, just the fact that little kids sing obama songs is even more disgusting.

    Left Wing Socialist Obama Nut Jobs Unite!
    Make Money and spread the wealth around to all the unemployed!

  46. Anybody else find this hilarious watching the flippers’ heads explode? This is the best thing that could happen to this image in the long run, especially for the signed edition.

  47. Wait.

    Wouldn’t the mass release of all those lower quality yes we did open edition prints raise the value of the limited signed/numbered edition prints, especially the signed ones?

  48. jinx…..ha ha. “obey obama” we must be connected, what’s your sign lol.

  49. Yes – The creme always rises to the top my man, the creme always rises to the top.

  50. People who FLIP art that they snatch up before other people who actually want to buy that art for the love of the piece to have in their home complaining about the supposed “greed” of moveon.org is too much.
    I have been collecting art prints since 2000 because I can’t afford original paintings by my favorite artists and have been really pissed off by your ilk over the last couple of years as it has been harder and harder for me to continue to collect art for my home because of the continued uprising of you flippers and your greed. I am sure I can sell my Melvins Obey print or my Playboy Obey from 2000 for a great deal more than I paid back in the day, but I would never do such a thing because I bought them because I loved the art or the band – period.
    I have much more diversity in my home than Obey, but there have been a few Obey prints that I have liked over the past few years that I haven’t been able to pick up because of most of you and it sucks. So, I am glad that you all cheated as that is how people who actually want the art feel lately due to you flippers.
    This was the first Obey print that I was able to pick up in years and I actually donated $150 to moveon.org for an unsigned numbered print because I loved the image and respect the fact that if it wasn’t for moveon.org, Obama might not be in office. Some of us buy art for love of art and what that art stands for in life and I don’t care that my numbered print cost more than the new prints because this election was the single most defining point in politcs during my 36 years of life and I will cherish walking by the print when it eventually hangs in my house.
    Reading the comments of this section sickened me so much that this is the first time I have posted to this Site and I have been visiting the Site since almost its launch because you people need to be stopped.
    If you bought this print for the love of the art and the history that it details how can you be mad?
    BTW – do a little research into moveon.org and you will see juts how important that organization was to this past election and will continue to be moving forward.

  51. Good for you but lets get back to the point eh !

  52. do drop, I hear you. I am not a flipper and everything you have said makes complete and total sense. The reason I purchased it was the same as you, to hang it on my wall to remind me of the most historic night of my life. I am just saying that I feel completely mislead and I don’t think it was right what they did…period. This was about owning something that was special to me and for it to be made so available just two days for a much lesser donation is not right. They should have just explained it up front and let people choose what was right for them, that’s all.

  53. I agree with OO

    The lower quality and un-numbered versions of the same print are probably not going to hurt the value of the first editions in the long run.

    They might even work as advertising.

    The signed ones shouldn’t be hurt at all.

    In the short term though . . . it might be a bad thing.

    Oh well.

  54. The difference in quality on these two versions could end up being pretty dramatic, then it would be no different than Obey releasing offsets of sold out screenprints, something they do often.

  55. How many “Hope” posters/pasters are out there? Quite a few. The image is still prolific, and if you are a collector, the victory print will also be prolific. Different markets for different products(well, hopefully). I hope all the broke flippers start dumping prints on the market so more of us Obama supporters can afford a piece of history.

    The admin here seems to be pretty seasoned and level headed.

  56. When you bought the print you were giving a donation, that was the whole point…. just see it for what it is/was. I don’t mind that an open edition poster is available now. Actually, I think its quite nice of moveon.org to make this available to others (especially with the lower price) seeing as many people who took the time to lend their support to the campain (or even just geting out to vote voting) & may have missed out otherwise can now have access to a poster too.

  57. Buy a few of the new ones and give them as Christmas/Holiday gifts to friends or family that would appreciate owning the print and you might not be mad anymore because spending $50 for 3 awesome gifts for people in your life is a deal. That is what I have done – I am happy that they are releasing an open edition of lesser quality so that other people I know in my life can also enjoy this historic imagery (many of whom will now have their first print and would never have spent the $90 for the higher quality numbered edition).
    As the admin has stated, the difference in quality will certainly be dramatic as I don’t think there is anyway that Fairey is not going to oversee the production of this many prints like he did with the first 5000 – Obey does it now and the offsets are always not as nice as the original prints.

  58. obey offers screenprint vs offset, the quality of offset version is not as nice as the screenprint version which is no doubt about it, but moveon is offering offset $90 vs offset $20, i dont see that paper worth $70 more imo ……….

  59. I don’t see why the people who were silly enough to dole out the $500 for the signed edition are complaining. Can anyone explain to lil’ ol’ me?

  60. I see Shepard wandering about here and there all the time. I’m just gonna bring my cheap one to him and have him sign it.

  61. Does anybody else think this print is plain FUGLY anyway? It’s not even as attractive as the iconic image ones. Really weak image in my opinion.

  62. i like it because it takes the iconic obama image and puts it sort of in the backseat to the real focus of the print, which is his supporters who surround him. it having an actual photo of the grant park crowd makes it a more accurate historical document of a specific event and time. its not a generic crowd shot, its THE crowd shot.

  63. wait, i thought it was the berlin rally?

  64. How long would you say the open edition’s will be available?

  65. I said it on EB already but,

    I think the images is top-notch. The crowd gives the print a lot of life. But, damn, he overdid it with the text.

  66. until everyone willing to pay for this poster/print gets one

  67. What’s the big fuss… the LE prints will still be at a premium, specially the signed ones…

    I find the whole thing kind of funny, I’m a huge Obama fan but I am completely sick of the zillions of Obama posters, plus I’m not a huge Fairey fan as it is…

  68. I was IN Grant Park. I SUPPORTED Obama both by donations and working on his campaign….even drove out of state to knock on doors. I paid $500 for this print as a momento, a keepsake, AND AS A LONG TERM INVESTMENT. I now feel like I was scammed on the investment end of the “contribution”, and may decide to cancel my VISA order just on principle.
    To me, a “Limited Edition” means exactly what it says; LIMITED. And LIMITED to 5000…PERIOD. There was no fine print to suggest otherwise. I don’t care about the paper stock it’s printed on. Limited Edition refers to the IMAGE, not the paper! Now, the investment value of the print has been dramatically diluted, and this leaves a VERY bad taste in my mouth. This is a shame, because I’ll have a very difficult time donating to MoveOn.org in the future. This also applies to buying prints from Fairey, or working my tail off in future campaigns. Those who made the brilliant decision to pull a fast one should have known better.

  69. BTW–the signed HOPE offset is up again over at OG.

  70. what bananafana feux said.

  71. Wait. They’re gone.

    Hope you got one!

  72. There are already d-bag flippers putting the Hope pasters up on ebay!!! Glad true fans were able to get these :/

  73. I just got an email from moveon.org congratulating me on my purchase and letting me know about the open edition and that it would take 5-7 weeks to get my print. They have a new email address: shepardprints@moveon.org

    I sent them an email asking for a refund and letting them know that I will dispute the charge if they do not issue me a refund. I’m not a flipper, but I was on the fence about even purchasing the print for $90. Now, I can have it for $20 if I want. That is wrong, especially in this crappy economy. They are ripping off the people who really wanted this print and shelled out their hard earned cash for it. Meanwhile, they are lining their pockets with money and letting all of those ebay bums scam and make a ton of money at the expense of other poor people who don’t know they can have the print for $20 now. What a mess.

    I suggest as many people who are upset with this situation email the above address. Maybe they will get the message.

  74. When you get something from a non-profit organization in exchange for a DONATION there is no direct correlation between the ‘value’ of the item and the ‘value’ of the donation. If you DONATE to PBS Television during a pledge drive and you want, say, The Grateful Dead Live DVD . . . it comes with a $200 DONATION. The T-shirt comes with a $75 donation. Now you can buy either item in a store for much, much less. Why pay so much? Because It’s a non-profit fund raiser. Because it’s a DONATION. It has(should have) nothing to do with the incentive you receive. It’s about DONATING. No one is SELLING these posters. They are being GIVEN away for a DONATION. The question isn’t ‘do you want to buy a poster?’ It’s ‘do you want to make a donation?’ I think it’s great that they have finally made one of Shepard Fairey’s images for the campaign available to so many so that everyone who wants one can own one without being at the mercy of the eBay market. Everyone who got a Limited Edition still will own a Limited Edition. They may print 100,000 of these open edition versions but there are still only 4,000 numbered and 1,000 signed and numbered and, they will still be worth more than you paid for them.
    To complain that ‘the art you love so much that you are going to hang on your wall as a memento of the most historic night of your life’ has somehow been cheapened by it now being available to anyone who wants one . . . thereby lessening your ability to impress your house guests with your newly perceived coolness for owning such a rare item . . . sounds greedy . . . and a bit republican.

  75. An inferred promise was made by MoveOn.org as an inducement to donate. I believe that a reasonable person would consider that inferred promise broken when the virtually identical version is released in mass quantities. If this “unlimited edition” is substantially different than the “limited edition”, then that promise would be fulfilled. I don’t think that numbered versus unnumbered is a substantial difference if most everything else looks and feels the same.

    If the “unlimited edition” was of a significantly different size, that would be fine. If it was of an obviously lower quality, that would probably be fine too.
    Just wait until folks start putting their own numbers on the “unlimited” edition….

  76. McCain wouldn’t have done that to you guys………….

  77. j.b. AMEN.

    I had been thinking about my situation before I read your post. I appreciate the way you put it and the perspective it provides. Upon reflection, it is great that moveon put out the yes we did in an open edition, for all the art/shep/obama fans, and the campaign itself. ANYONE who donates $20+ will get this amazing poster as a bonus. Just as my donation of $510 yielded a signed le print. When it comes down to it, I don’t care about what the actual market “VALUE” of the print is. The personal value is immeasurable. I got the chance to donate and give back once more, and in return I got a one of a kind. For me to have contemplated selling it is ludicrous.

    10:00pm CST on Tuesday night, November 4th, 2008 was the most incredible moment in my entire life. I got the opportunity to share it with complete strangers that night, as we all hugged and cried on each others shoulders. It is a moment I will never forget. And I won’t have to, because Shepard Fairey captured it in just the right light. It tells a story of it’s own. And when you look at your print, it will mean something totally different for you.

    Do you want to know what the best perk is? It’s the fact that we all came together, and we won. We overcame. Barack Obama will be our 44th President of the United States of America.

  78. i bought this numbered print to resell on ebay, now that the open edition.. nobody is bidding on my auction. this blows

  79. Agreed. :)

  80. jj —->

    Fairey was going to f**k you (ebayers) over sometime.

    In the words of Borat “Great success!”

  81. I meant to agree with Obey Obama, although I understand where jj is coming from. Thank GOD Obama won.

  82. What is this all about?


  83. randy g.,

    The’unlimited edition’ is printed on different and thinner paper stock. So there is physical difference between the two editions.

  84. That’s good to hear, but it really should have been a different size as well. You KNOW that some goobers are gonna fake a signature and/or numbers. Making it a different size would have alleviated much of this, and well as serving to differentiate the poster of Ebay. Just a few inches would have made a significant difference.

  85. I read all 83 comments, 3 stood out, and one of them was a poster wanting to re-sell his 500 dollar scam to another, Im glad at the end he had a change of heart and realized that regardless of his price payed he came to the realization that its more than about that.
    Flipping Obama posters isnt what won a historic election. Its everyone who supported these movements from the start.

  86. This is so funny. Most art collectors know that the value in art is what the image means to the person willing to pay for it. The fact that prints were on EB before they even on sale means that profiteers were counting on making a killing off this one. One S/N print was going for 1500, 2000, and 2999 on EB.
    I think this was a great move to make this image availabe to everyone. Look at all the people who voted and how all of the other prints sold out in minutes. Now there are fake/knock off prints on EB for 20-50 bucks.
    Flippers Get A Real Job Let The Collectors Get Some Art.

  87. I see both sides of the argument. Making the poster a smaller size would have been good place to start with this new release. But when you say “I want to be one of the few people to have one” doesn’t that sounds a little elitest? This is a big country and it took a lot of people to get Obama into office. So don’t they deserve to embrace this art as a piece of their own history. Whether it’s a print or a poster?

    And also the poster is a poster not a print. There is a difference.

  88. You’re right. It’s a printed poster.

    Relax everyone.
    MoveOn are rookies in this game. $90 won’t kill you. You’ve all made your money flipping Obey artwork in the past.

  89. I spent $500, and that’s not pocket change to me. I also don’t consider myself an art snob. I’ve never flipped artwork and don’t intend to. The unlimited edition should have been made slightly smaller.



  91. If you look closely on ebay, the posters being offered without reserves are doing very well, some being bidded at much higher prices than those with ‘buy it now,” options.

    Personally, I think the flippers would do much better selling their goods on inauguration day or the day after, when Obama is officially sworn in as the 44th president. I bought all the most expensive version and a few of the most recent 20.00 jobs. I commend Moveon for making these available to the general public. I think it’s a nicely designed poster and many will enjoy it. The date is particularly important. And I’m sure that anyone who manages to get Obama’s signature on the artist’s signed version will have a significant windfall, in the 10,000 dollar range. Obama’s election is historic beyond imagination. He will, no doubt, be on a coin someday, and Fairey’s designs shaped the visually most identifiable image of this campaign–excluding the hilarious photo of McCain’s tongue hanging out as he follows Obama from the debate stage.

    If you want to sell your posters, I suggest offering it without reserves. I’m astounded to see the ‘words of change” posters selling so high…These are very historic, and with each and every passing hour, their significance is amplified. There are many first to consider regarding this campaign, and the ‘ARTISTS FOR OBAMA” limited edition series began on this campaign. These posters cover a lot of ground: historical, marketing, mass media, internet, geo politics, design. Consider all these facts when worrying about your posters, and they were created by the man who shaped the visual identity for President Obama. You can rest assured, the republican party will utilize some of these online strategies in the next election…


  92. If you look closely on ebay, the posters being offered without reserves are doing very well, some being bidded at much higher prices than those with ‘buy it now,” options.

    Personally, I think the flippers would do much better selling their goods on inauguration day, or the day after, when Obama is officially sworn in as the 44th president. I bought the most expensive version and a few of the newly provided $20.00 posters.

    I commend Moveon for making these available to the general public, and especially those who could not afford the signed editions.

    I think it’s a well designed poster and many will feel emotionally attached to it. The date is particularly important, and anyone who manages to obtain Obama’s signature on a Fairey signed version will have a significant windfall– in the $10,000 range. Obama’s election is historic beyond imagination. He will, no doubt, be on a coin someday, and Fairey’s designs shaped the most identifiable visual image of this campaign–excluding the hilarious photo of Pavlov McCain’s tongue hanging out as he follows Obama from the debate stage.

    If you want to sell your posters, I suggest offering it without reserves. I’m astounded to see the ‘Words of Change” posters selling so high…These are very historic, and with each and every passing hour, their significance is amplified. There are many first to consider regarding this campaign, and the ‘ARTISTS FOR OBAMA” limited edition series began on this campaign.

    These posters cover a lot of ground: historical, marketing, mass media, internet, geo politics, design and collectables.

    Consider all these variables when poster depreciation disease overcomes you, and your fears will ebb. Remember, these prints and posters were created by the man who shaped the visual identity for the Obama campaign.

    You can rest assured, the republican party will utilize some of these online strategies in the next election…


  93. disregard the earlier rough draft…


  95. Yeah, that’s what we Obama supporters really wanted…for McCain to dirty up Obama’s clean slate. “G’night, John Boy.”

  96. I too think Obama Will be on a coin!!

  97. I think they should have made an effort to make the open edition more distinguishable from the original. I think they would’ve gotten just as much extra support from releasing an 18 X 24 open edition, and collectors of the LE prints would’ve felt much less betrayed.

  98. I gave a donation and was told I would get one of the limited edition, numbered of 5000 posters. When it arrived, it was a plain poster with no numbering. I am having my Email address removed from the MoveOn web site.

  99. those complaining are morons and know nada about ART !……sheesh…..

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