Shepard Fairey “1984” and “Animal Farm” Prints and Books

Penguin Books in the UK have just offered up a George Orwell x Shepard Fairey book and print set.  The set includes the newly redesigned copies of “1984” and “Animal Farm”, plus an art print of each design.  They are screenprints, are A2 in size (about 17″ x 24″), have an edition of 200, and are signed/numbered.  The price for the set is £100.  Not too bad for two books and two prints.  Visit

This offer is not open to US customers.  Guess we know how people outside of the United States feel about the official Obama posters now.  Also, be sure to use promo code “SUBOFFER” for 20% off.

17 Responses to “Shepard Fairey “1984” and “Animal Farm” Prints and Books”

  1. That’s so cool. I love the red commie pig.

    I cant see a mention of a signature or number on the print at the penguin site info.

  2. Anyone want to go splits with me? $85 US for the 1984 Book and Poster (I get the Animal Farm). Pay the other half and send you the book and poster as soon as I get it. Let me know. Got it in my cart and ready to purchase. (BTW, I am in Canada, so I can order it).

  3. These books have been available in Canada for some time….

  4. SUBOFFER gets you 20% off.

  5. Yeah Tom, Im down

  6. i’d probably take it from you Tom. I’d like both but one is better than none

  7. Hey Pete,
    Cool. Give me a shout here as soon as you can:

  8. Hey Recycler, try that e-mail as well. I want to get this ordered quick, so first person to get back to me is in. Cheers.

  9. Blah . . .
    I have a foreign addy to ship to, but no foreign card . . .

  10. Can’t get virtual card to work . . .
    Damnit . . . think I’m giving up on this one.

  11. i can’t believe that shep can get his logo printed on a penguin book… blows my mind.

  12. Living in the Uk finally payed off!!! awesome deal

  13. It does say signed somewhere, didn’t see numbered mentioned anywhere, but who the hell cares as long as they are signed.

  14. although i really like both the prints, i thought that shep would do something profound with the 1984 design… you know, considering that’s kind of been his whole underlying message with the ‘obey’ thing. i think he nailed animal farm though.

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  16. I don’t rate most of Shep’s prints (not including his Obama releases), they seem sloppy, but when he’s designing to a brief, he often does some really nice stuff. These are excellent book covers.

  17. Thanks for the heads-up. Loved the designs, but wasn’t going to buy until I saw the 20% coupon…. Given I live in the UK, felt I had to take advantage.
    Also, it does state:
    “To celebrate these new editions, Shepard Fairey has exclusively produced 200 A2 individually signed and numbered screen prints of both posters.”

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