New Concert Poster and Art Prints by Brad Klausen

Brad Klausen has a number of new things up for sale, including individual and set versions of his MGMT poster, his “Judge” art print that will be part of the ModernRockArt subscription, and his “Hegelian Dialectic art print.  All the info is below, you best hurry over to

MGMT Matched Poster Set (Klausen and Burlesque Design)

Two 19″ x 25″ Screenprints, Only 20 for Sale, $65:

MGMT Halloween Poster

19″ x 25″ Screenprint, $25:


24″ x 27.5″ Screenprint, Sixteen Colors, Edition of 60, $80:

“Hegelian Dialectic”

15.5″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 130, $50:

6 Responses to “New Concert Poster and Art Prints by Brad Klausen”

  1. busy

  2. Definitely not up to BK’s standards imo. All of these are rather fugly.

  3. Disagree. Hegelian Dialectic is one of the better ones from bk I’ve seen…Captures American politics perfectly imho…

  4. Busy busy

  5. Hegelian Concept is pretty rad…

    The Judge is of course busy, however it’s laid out very nicely.

  6. […] concert poster later today.  As you probably know by now, this fits together as a diptych with Brad Klausen’s print from the night before.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, and it will run you $25 […]

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