“Hope” Obama Print By Shepard Fairey Now Available (Thin Paster Version)

The folks at Obey Giant have some leftover copies of the thin offset “Hope” pasters they used to plaster cities around the US, so Shepard has signed some of them and offered them for sale.  They are 24″ x 36″, signed, and only $40.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. Sold Out!!!

  2. gone

  3. Are we sure it is a paster version. The OG said poster, not paster.


  5. its a thin offset version … that was used for bombing … the left overs were signed and sold

  6. Well the front page explains that they are leftover copies of the ones they distributed throughout the cities, and it’s a thin offset, poster, paster, whatever.

  7. sold out

  8. these are nice, however i would not buy one of these on the bay as you have no idea what is legit and what is not. so many real / fake pasters floating around… all just waiting to get a signature and a plausible number

  9. WHAT?! I paid $100 for these at most fundraiser events. What time did all this happen?

  10. Daddy ?
    Were they signed ?

    Flog em on Ebay and get your cash back plus.

  11. went on sale at 2pm EST.

  12. more ebay fodder!

  13. Recycler,

    I think we’re just going to see a lot of eBay ads with people including the receipt from Obey…not that this guarantees authenticity but it seems to put a lot of peoples minds at ease…

  14. These will be less than cost on eBay soon

  15. Wow I’m glad this thread is here because I’ve been baffled by today’s occurrence with Obey’s post, and then unpost about this.

    I was studying on campus and randomly loaded the Obey site out of boredom, just to see what’s new in the headlines.

    I immediately saw the above post. I read it twice because I figured it was an accidental post (they did that a couple times over the past few weeks). Somehow I snagged one. Was that thing on their site for like 10 minutes??? or what???

    The new era of obtaining collectibles is awful and disgusting. Here’s what I mean: if you are a die hard fan/follower of something, and they go on sale and then sell out within minutes, what then. When this happens it’s because the ebay douches buy nearly all of them up, and turn around and sell them IMMEDIETLY. As a consequence anyone who is a legitimate fan of the item and intend on keeping it end up paying ridiculous amounts of money to get it. All because the servers were clogged and stock depleted instantly buy ebay tools.

    How do the ebayers know when all this goes down?? Seems like they know every time.

  16. The quickest way to screw the flippers and make sure every obey/obama fan who wants one gets one of these is to create an open signed edition (like shep has for some of his obey giant pieces) and put them on sale until everyone who wants one gets one.

    This way the ebay market dries up and those who want this as a collectible to keep can get it.

    While I know this wouldn’t work for every obey print I think enough people were excited about obama and love this print that if shep really wanted to ensure that true fans get this piece for a reasonable price this is the only way to do it.

  17. The secondary market is vital to the success of Obey. Without it, the prints wouldn’t increase in value as rapidly as they do. At least from an investment standpoint.

  18. If you try to eliminate flippers, you will lose. Think about it…if “real” fans got everysingle print and you miss out, you will NEVER get the print you want at any price

  19. Everybody losed when flippers cash in (except, of course, the flippers…)

  20. On his website again! Last time it’s there friends…move on it!

  21. What Josh said. GO GET IT.

  22. GONE.

  23. OK it’s back….GONE 😉

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