“Nuestra Voz” Obama Art Print by Rafael Lopez

If you missed the “Voz Unida” Obama print by Rafael Lopez, here’s an opportunity to get an even fancier version.  “Nuestra Voz” is a HUGE 30″ x 41″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $275.  Visit RafaelLopez.com.

You can also buy an open-edition offset version of this piece for $25 at MerchLackey.com.

11 Responses to ““Nuestra Voz” Obama Art Print by Rafael Lopez”

  1. It just sold out, I think I might have gotten the last one!

  2. Cool, but flippers will find that these won’t bring much of a return because they are not official Barrack Obama prints and the starting price doesn’t leave much room for profit.

  3. So what you’re saying is that only people who like this piece and actually want one for themselves will be buying them? And that the price increase is a reaction to these fat pieces of parasitic shit who, with an ebay account and some shipping labels, make more money off of these prints than the artists producing them?

    Viva capitalism!

  4. It doesn’t need to be “official” to fetch a pretty penny. IE Choe, English, and let’s not forget Shepard.

    The official counterpart is unsigned and are selling for above this one’s cost.

    It will be interesting to see…

  5. Sold out. Would have really complimented the other version I got off Obama’s site. Not like I have the money though.

  6. Yea but Choe and Fairey have a MUCH larger fanbase than this guy. Also prints from those artists started at $200. Not $275.

    What makes the Voz Unida “offical print” flip well is the fact that it is from his campaign and has all the pertanent Obama For America info at the bottom. No one cares about this guys signature.

    I love the piece and hope people who love it picked one up. But if a bunch of flippers jumpe don this thinking they are gonna make some quick, they are gonna be in for a rude awakening like Ravishing Rick Rude.

  7. Jacob. Much larger fanbase means close to nothing in this context. This image was made famous cause it was an official campaign image saw on the official B. Obama site, hence the fanbase of Choe and English (let’s keep Fairey out of this) has almost no weight against the Obama fanbase. Also prints from Choe and English were $200 vs. $275 for the Lopez, you’re right. But the comparison is worthless imo. You are comparing 18x 24 screenprints in a run of 200 to an enormous 30 x 41 giclee in a run of 100. Size of the print, the printing technique and the run size all go toward Lopez giclee which more than easilly explain the $75 differential. Considering the hype around this image and the price it gets on the aftermarket for a 1000 run litho, I think the giclee was a steal.

  8. I don’t really care about the flipping debate btw. All I know is that the 100 run giclee is the ultimate piece of art of this image (the original aside, of course) It has been made to reproduce the original the closest way possible. Now if Obama fans wanna pay premieum prices for a litho out of 1000, cause it says paid by Obama for America at the bottom or something like this, it’s their choice. But an Obama fan that is also an art connoisseur will certainly see the value of this very limited giclee piece and will acknowledge its collectibility… just my humble opinion..

  9. Spoken like a true flipper Simon. Good luck 🙂

  10. Spanish in the bottom… Guadalupan Iconography…

    I like Obama, but i think is offensive that he and/or his campaign group uses this cheap tricks to get closer to hispanic… Shame on him

  11. I think it’s a pretty kickin’ piece. If I was Hispanic, I’d hang it proudly. Had I seen it originally, I might very well have purchased it. I like it even better than Unidad.

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