Mike Budai’s “Everything Fails” Opening In Chicago Tonight

Rotofugi will host “Everything Fails”, a collection of new work by Mike Budai starting tonight.  The show will feature 17 new art prints and 7 paintings.  Few people rank above Budai for me, he is a total favorite of mine.  The opening takes place tonight (Friday, November 7th) from 6pm-9pm at Rotofugi in Chicago (1955 W. Chicago Ave.).  Fore more info, and to get on the preview list, visit Rotofugi.com.

Here’s an exclusive peek at some of the work in the show:

4 Responses to “Mike Budai’s “Everything Fails” Opening In Chicago Tonight”

  1. budai is awesome, but gettng his prints seems like an impossible task. i really want that “walkmen” poster he did, among others.

  2. budai is the best!

  3. Mike is the illest.

  4. To buy Budai or not to buy? That is the question.

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