Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English (Black Version Available Now)

Toy Tokyo just put their exclusive black Abraham Obama bust by Ron English up for preorder.  These are about 16″ tall, and limited to only 50 pieces.  The price is $200.  Visit ToyTokyo.com.

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  1. Englishs’ Print plus this equals World Domination. A must have for any owners of the print.

  2. Cha Ching! This is the one I wanted. Couldn’t have been better timing! Thanks OMG

  3. You can thank me for posting it in the comments section of the 1st post :)

  4. Yep, thanks go to Jacob.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Maybe it is just that these photograph strangely–but that bust doesn’t really strike me as a distinctive image.

    They look more like generic guy with a beard to me. Hope it looks better in person to those who purchased.

  7. I wish there was a matte version.

  8. Thanks Jacob and OMG!

  9. yeah im almost ready to buy it, but like you say, it’s tough to see

  10. The first picture looks to me like it could be Abraham O’Brien.

  11. Shit–I just bought one. I couldn’t help it. I’m guessing it just photographs poorly.

  12. I’m sorry but in these photos this doesn’t resemble the painting.

  13. Here is my formal thank you: “Thank You Modest Jacob, I commend you on a job well done.”

  14. gah i think we all have too much money

  15. Agreed. I don’t think it captures English at all.

  16. When will these go on sale? Says preorder and not available now

  17. that’s cause they be sold out

  18. nooooooo…i wanted one too…that suck

  19. well, not positive, but it seems as though they are sold out. said 2 left and then 0 left… someone may get rid of theirs for not too much $$$; before people start flipping

  20. this was preorder and it was only 50 offered when they get them there will probably be 25 more and plus do you really want this creepy thing to be in your house / will people really pay 400 for this off ebay. It doesnt even look like obama lincoln. You are dumb flippers

  21. i don’t think anyone bought these to flip

  22. And why would they release 25 more if it is a “50 piece run”? That doesn’t make any sense.

  23. Green bust now on http://www.freshmanila.com. word!!!

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