“Cool It” Letterpress Cards by Le Merde

Just came across these new cards from Letter Pressed by Portland artist Le Merde, and they’re pretty rad indeed.  They are limited to 500 pieces, and each order comes as a five pack.  You can pick up a set for $20 at the Letter Pressed Store.

Two New Art Prints by Jay Ryan

I love when Jay Ryan puts out new art prints, especially when it is TWO new ones.  “Thunderbeast”, which was originally produced for a Beasts! gallery show, is a 20″ x 26″ screenprint, has an edition has an edition of 145, and is $30.  “Warm Bowl of Sleeping BIrds” is an 8.25″ x 18″ screenprint, […]

New Obama Poster: “Words of Change” by Gui Borchert

Looks like the Shepard Fairey poster wasn’t the next one in the Artists for Obama campaign, because this new one by Gui Borchert just dropped.  It is a 23″ x 40″ offset, has an edition of 5000, and is $60.  The detail on this is truly insane.  Visit BarackObama.com.

New Obey x Barack Obama Print: “Vote”

Here’s some official info, gotta thank Arrested Motion big time for the scoop, they are quickly becoming an authority on news about street art.  The newest Obama-inspired image by Shepard Fairey, “Vote”, will indeed be made into a limited edition print.  In fact, it will be the next piece in the official Artists For Obama […]

Dan Grzeca’s “Conquistador” (Bronze Version) Art Print

Since “Conquistador” has been one of Dan Grzeca’s most successful art prints, he decided to print up a second edition.  This new one is six colors with lots of metallics, and the separations were all redone to make the piece unique and different from the previous version.  It’s a huge 22″ x 30″ screenprint, has […]

Our Newest Sponsor: Sticker Robot (And Rare Obama Progress Stickers)

I’m super happy to have Sticker Robot on board as a sponsor, they helped me produce some awesome stickers (pictured below).  If you ever need to get some stickers made, this is the place to do it.  They screenprint in CMYK, allowing for full color designs, and the quality is top notch.  They are also […]

News From Burlesque Design

Ok, I have a number of news items from the guys at Burlesque Design to report.  First, Ben and Bjorn have completed the printing on the new art print by the soon-to-be-huge Minnesota street artist Deuce Seven.  It is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 150, and will be $72.27 shipped.  This […]

Ten Questions With Delicious Design League

You’re probably wondering, “Jeez, how many great poster artists are there from Chicago?”  Well, there are lots, and here’s an interview with two of my absolute favorites.  Ladies and gentlemen, Delicious Design League. Age: Jason:32 Billy:31 Location: Chicago Years Doing Posters: (Billy): I started designing screen-printed posters for my old band at the beginning of […]

New Tara McPherson Art Prints

Tara McPherson is all about making sure people can get her art on their wall, regardless of their budget.  She just produced 12 new single-color lineart screenprints.  They are based on some of her most famous images, and are very affordable.  They’re all around 17″ x 23″, have editions of 100, and are $25 each.  […]

New Evan Hecox Art Print (Onsale Info)

Just got word about this new Evan Hecox art print.  This was produced for Evan’s upcoming show at MatherKunst in Amsterdam (a new gallery from one of the Andenken owners).  The brown paper version is limited to 20 pieces and will be $175, the white is limited to 100 and will be $100.  Now is […]

The Jamungo 9″ MUMMYBUD by Motorbot

Jamungo is always bringing the best Halloween releases, check out this 9″ Mummybud custom by Motorbot.  Only 20 will be available to the public, and they will be $150 each.  If you’d like to get your hands on one, get your name on the list for the random drawing over at The Jamungo Forum.

New York Times Article About Obama Poster Art

Here is a cool, quick article about the poster campaign that has surrounded Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  It notes a number of examples and websites for reference, and is definitely worth a read.  Check it out at NYTimes.com. image credit:  Steve Rhodes

“100 Black On White Illustrations” Book by Raymond E. Biesinger

I just love little design books, and this one looks particularly awesome.  “100 B/W” (or “100 Black On White Illustrations”) collects 100 designs by Canadian artist Raymond E. Biesinger.  It is 106 pages, has a spot varnish cover, and was hand-bound (the first edition of 266 took 30 hours to bind).  You can pick one […]

Aesthetic Apparatus’ “Death Takes A Holiday” Poster

Minneapolis’ own Aesthetic Apparatus tackled the job of working up a poster for an Alamo Drafthouse screening of the 1930’s film “Death Takes A Holiday”.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s the film that “Meet Joe Black” was a remake of.  This one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, signed/numbered, and $30.  Mondo will […]

Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Stuart Kolakovic

The folks at Tiny Showcase have an amazing ability to dig up talented graphic designers that I haven’t heard of.  They will release a print by UK artist Stuart Kolakovic tonight.  I am definitely into this guy’s stuff.  It will be a small, inexpensive giclee with an edition of 100.  TS prints come out on […]