The MGMT Halloween Poster Diptych (Larger View)

After previously writing about the Brad Klausen and Burlesque Design MGMT Halloween posters separately (see below), I realized I should be writing about them together.  I had a chance to work up a larger view of the two posters as a diptych, and they really look great.  Look down the page for more info on each.

Click the image for a larger view:

3 Responses to “The MGMT Halloween Poster Diptych (Larger View)”

  1. Those look AWESOME together! Nice!

  2. Wow, I saw the first one, but the other half makes the set all that more awesome. Burlesque is always killing it.

  3. Where can I buy these posters? I went to the Burlesque site but they’re not up… I went to one of these shows and I would die to have the poster for it.

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