“I am a rabbit out of room” Art Print Set by Daniel Danger

I guess today is a day of diptychs.  Here is Daniel Danger’s newest art print, and it’s a stunner.  “I am a rabbit out of room” is a 3 color letterpress print set, crafted by the ultra talented Dan Wood (he does all the Tiny Showcase letterpress prints).  You probably recognize the image from the Modest Mouse poster Daniel did last year.  He redrew the first two layers, giving the image different texture and shading.  These are around 12″ x 16″ each, have an edition of 80, and will be $100.  No word on the sale details yet (Mr. Danger is rebuilding his store as we speak), but I’ll keep you posted for sure.  Enjoy!

Click the first image for a larger view:

20 Responses to ““I am a rabbit out of room” Art Print Set by Daniel Danger”

  1. Thank. What are the bits that are embossed? I can’t tell from the pics.

  2. Stunning !
    DD’s talent is amazing – I am very interested in this piece.

  3. I’ve been waiting for this art print from the MM print to come out. Am I correct though that it is 2 prints that fit into one? If so I am so dissapointed, because there is now way I will buy this now, because it won’t get framed being 2 pieces.

  4. its small, and a pretty stock size. it would probably cost you twice as much to frame the full size original 20×30 single image. my friend went out and bought two $25 stock wooden frames and had mats cut. quick and easy.

  5. lol I love the name Shep Flipper. Great print Daniel although the image would be epic even if more expensive to frame as one big print.

  6. agreed. but i couldnt do it letterpress as one solid image. each side is the biggest that press could print, so it was either diptych or screenprint, and the image was already a screenprint. and i wanted to do something different.

  7. Looks great, Dan.

  8. Holy crap I like this! I just got my ‘How can we hope…’ print through, reckon I’ve got DANGER FEVER! I also think these work separately. You could get one framed and swap it, depending what mood your in, as long as it was a blue mood…. I also looooove letterpress prints.

  9. Does anyone know which parts are pressed/embossed or is it totally random and unique on each letterpressed print?

  10. dd, I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but I don’t think Daniel Danger would make artistic compromises like that. He probably wanted it like that all along.

  11. the black is the most embossed part. if theres a black line, its embossed. the first two blue colors are very subtly embossed. its got a really nice texture to it.

    i get my information from my cat, also named OMG.

  12. thats weird because my cat is already named OMG. maybe its the same cat. does it have a deep boom-y voice?

  13. My cat says yes. He is also the same cat.

  14. Wow…

  15. there is now way I will buy this now, because it won’t get framed being 2 pieces.

    ———maybe one frame, one mount and two apperatures

  16. When I get them, I’m going to cut them both in half so I can have a tetraptych.. or maybe cut those in half again and have a octaptych.. You don’t see too many optaptych’s these days.

  17. i think your dad renamed OMG to Tank???

  18. Who is the guy holding the print? Is he the artist? Cute dude. It is an awesome print!

  19. That would be the printer.

  20. Nice work Cave Man Dan, or Daniel Danger….but it ain’t a tumbleweed is it?

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