Bunny Head Hat by Jeremy Fish / Superfishal

Are you brave enough to wear a pink bunny hat around?  Probably not, but I thought this was just too unique and adorable to not be posted.  Jeremy Fish’s newest entry in his Superfishal line is this Bunny Head New Era hat.  It is $55 and still available in a wide variety of sizes at UpperPlaygroundStore.com.

Thanks to Toycyte.com for first covering this.

6 Responses to “Bunny Head Hat by Jeremy Fish / Superfishal”

  1. I showed this to my girlfriend and said, “I’m gonna get this,” and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, “You mean for wearing inside the house, right?” hahaha Cheers to whoever pulls this look off (outside).

  2. I could pull it off, but I have too much hair to wear a hat.

  3. My boyfriend wears the pink slip on Vans that I got him. But I think this hat would be one step too far. LOVE it though.

  4. This hat is all together AWESOME!

    But you can’t buy one at upper playground anymore.
    Does anyone know where I can still get one?

  6. You can’t buy one, cuz’ i just bought the last one for my girlfriend…

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