Huck Gee Art Print and Dunny Release (Onsale Info)

Huck Gee is going to release a second version of his Rooftops art print.  “Moonrise Rooftops” is a 12″ x 24″ giclee on duck canvas, has an edition of 80, and will be $80 each.  After the success of the first one, you can pretty much bet on these going FAST.  They will drop tomorrow (Friday, October 31) at noon PST.  Visit Huck Gee’s Ebay Store.

Click on the image to see the larger view, it’s amazing:

Also dropping that same day will be an ultra rare 3″ Dunny by Huck with a nice story to it.  Recently, Kidrobot had a pretty massive debacle with their golden ticket Dunny that Huck Gee did for them.  To sum it up, instead of being held back for people that received the golden tickets, they were accidentally distributed in regular Dunny cases, some people even received entire cases of them.  To make up for this, Huck is going to produce a brand new colorway for people that received golden tickets.  However, in the meantime, he has some A/P’s of the original version to get rid of.  25 signed 3″ GodfatherDunnys will be sold tomorrow (Friday, October 31) at noon PST.  They will be $100 each.  Visit Huck’s Ebay Store.

17 Responses to “Huck Gee Art Print and Dunny Release (Onsale Info)”

  1. looks like the ninjas are overtaking some of the city

    awesome stuff

  2. Hopefully my computer will be fast enough to snag one this time…

  3. they go for sale on ebay?

  4. Yeah…Huck Gee’s webstore is an eBay store.

  5. WOW! Sold out in 17 seconds… Well I now have the sunset and moonrise prints if anyone wants a to buy/trade…

  6. …and they’re gone. 1.5 minute maybe?

  7. Geez, just like the first…you blink, they’re gone! Cllicked on it as soon as it came up and 13 already gone…

  8. Hey Stephen…I’m interested in the Sunset one. Get at me via Myspace by clicking n my name.

  9. Wonder how long they will take to sell out

  10. Love it. So much nicer than popular releases on other sites. Print shows up on time and you buy it. Done in 2 minutes. No pages not loading, no timeouts, no problem.

  11. Sold out in 17 seconds. A couple people bought 2 or 3 and guy got 5 lol

  12. Btw I hope everyone used to get 25% cashback on the purchase… Saving $20 is good =)

  13. There is no limit?

  14. What’s the coupon code?? Don’t know what you mean by using trying to figure out how to get the discount as I’m checking out

  15. Yeah I haven’t checked out or pressed the purchase button yet either trying to figure out how to get the discount

  16. Simon1, check out’s cashback program, it gives you 25% back on any Buy-It-Now auction.

  17. ok I understand it’s too late and that the item has to be first in my ebay watching… that could have been an extra 3-4 seconds that might have make me miss the sale..

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