“The 80th Victory” Art Print by Jorge Ortiz

Not only does Spanish artist Jorge Ortiz take the best process pictures in the business, he also constantly outdoes himself in the department of quality.  “The 80th Victory”, based on the WW1 German pilot The Red Baron, is a hand-pulled 5.75″ x 5.75″ six color screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $16 (or €12 for you overseas customers).  After printing, Jorge embossed each print, giving them an amazing textured look.  To purchase, you can either check out his site or visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

9 Responses to ““The 80th Victory” Art Print by Jorge Ortiz”

  1. Wow this is super nice! I’ll have to check out more of his stuff.

  2. this dude is on a roll, i just wish his prints were bigger…..

  3. insane! what is that embossing machine/press? I was sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out how he embossed that without spending $300 on a die!

  4. Stunning quality

  5. same question here, what is that machine on his table?

  6. The machine is called a Cuttlebug. http://www.provocraft.com/products/index.products.php?cl=cuttlebug

  7. im pretty sure thats a cuttlebug on his table.

    check it out here:


  8. Hi to everybody,
    Yes, the machine is a Cuttlebug, but i used a linoleum plate to make the embossing (it can be seen on the pictures). The machine works great, the only problem is the little width.
    Thanks for the comments!!

  9. I really like this one. Jorge’s style was always appealing to me. I had to order this one. Waiting for it to arrive!

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