“The States” Art Print Series by Frank Chimero

Graphic designer Frank Chimero is in the process of creating a super clever set of art prints, one for each of our country’s states.  The first 15 are up now, with more to come.  They are 8″ x 8″ giclees, come signed, and are each only $15.  Check them out at FrankChimero.com.




11 Responses to ““The States” Art Print Series by Frank Chimero”

  1. some of these are pretty rad and then others… just aren’t

  2. These rule so hard. I would love to get them all and frame them in one giant frame.

  3. finally Frank’s releasing them as prints, sweet

  4. Colorado and California are my favorites. These are interesting.

  5. Evan – Great idea, they would amazing in one frame – If you do this send us a photo to see if it does work. I would like to also do that but $ and wall space are not my friend at the moment.

  6. These are really clever and nicely done.

    I wouldn’t mind having all of them and framing them in small frames on a wall. It would get pricey, however.

  7. to get all 50 would end up being over $750 plus framing. goo! maybe he’ll do like a big print with all of the images in one map.

  8. Evan – I would love to see in one as a map. That would be AWESOME.

  9. Hard ruling definitely taking place!!

  10. I’m surprised Sufjan Stevens doesn’t have something to do with this.

  11. […] just posted a cool interview with Frank Chimero.  You may remember me posting Frank’s “The States” art print series last week.  The interview is pretty brief, and is especially geared to those […]

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