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If you subscribe to the RSS feed here, and your reader had trouble updating overnight, you may need to re-subscribe.  It appears that when Google took over Feedburner and migrated us over, it may have made the old Feedburner feed obsolete.  So yeah, just re-click the RSS logo on the right side of the site, or just click the giant one I posted below.  Thanks!

9 Responses to “RSS Issues”

  1. 3 color print, edition of 200
    light grey gradient, orange split fountain, transparent white overprint. signed and numbered by the artist, Ricardo San Santiago.

  2. I heard rumors there was going to be a limited variant run as well on gold stock with pearlized orange ink sprinkled with diamond dust. But apparently Ricardo’s holding off releasing them until his solo show in Milan next February. Already making plans to fly out there. Anyone else planning on attending? We should all hook up and get Ricky liquored up.

  3. Blood drops on the Japanese edition.

  4. Great !
    refresh, refresh and managed to get 1 in the cart, then I saw the shipping cost and finally when I went back in the cart was empty and site crashed !

    What a waste of a morning.

  5. I can’t believe they are already up on ebay.

  6. The TRUE fans are left out in the cold again, stinking flippers!

  7. Har-de-har, enough jibber-jabber already, does it GiD?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Only the test prints GID. But you gotta know the artist to get one.

  9. I’m not in the know. What is this about? I’m curious.

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