New Michael Hussar Art Print: “Cherry Pie”

I can’t say that I’m the hugest Hussar fan ever, but I’ve had numerous requests to cover the new print, so here goes.  “Cherry Pie” is 12″ x 15″, has an edition of 88, and is $350.  You can preorder one now at

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  1. wow. it’s really expensive… it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but i actually think this is one of the nicest prints i’ve seen in a while.
    it’s really well executed and oh so sensual. maybe it’s a taste thing. please show more of this kind of stuff. i just wish i could afford it.

  2. i’d hit it.

  3. Hot stuff for sure but way too expensive.

  4. I appreciate the vision and execution, however I wouldn’t get this print if

    A) I had or planned on having children in your house

    B) Were single and planned on having ladies over to the house. (serial killer home decor)

  5. Really?
    The ladies that respond to this imagery are the kinds of ones you want coming over if your single.

  6. lol

  7. i am curious as to why people would request mitch cover this. the only thing that comes to mind is people who purchase it to flip it and then are disappointed when it hasn’t sold out as quickly as they anticipated, so they want their investment to get more exposure, hence asking OMGPOSTERS to cover it so it will sell out faster. why else would you ask ? if you really liked it and were cool you would know that keeping it on the down low would be best, allowing more time for any of your friends to see it and decide if they wanted to save up some cash to pick one up.

  8. Hey Kyle,

    Not so sure on that – I would like more British stuff covered such as Nick Walker. Any heads up on a Walker for me to prepare would be great.
    Walker sells out within a blink so its not a case where he needs exposure at all – Its a case where I like his stuff, would be great to see a discussion on his style with people here I am getting to respect plus also advanced warning system to help me on my noble quest to obtain one.

  9. kyle, that is very presumptuous and devilish of you to say. What if he wants to hear about them to actually know about them and discover them?

  10. yeah this is dope. i like all of hussar’s stuff but this is actually exceptionally dope. all of his prints are this expensive, so whatever i guess, but i do appreciate coverage of darker stuff like his. i mean, why do people come to this site if not to be turned on to new stuff and things they might have otherwise missed….good call admin, thug life!

  11. Good stuff. Definitely putting this in the kids’ room.

  12. presumptuous and devilish indeed.

    i’m just sharing my comments and thoughts.

    i am all for hussar getting exposed to new fans, but i don’t think that’s what this was about. mitch said he was getting requests from people to cover this, meaning people who already knew about it wanted more people to know about it. my initial comments still reflect my curiosity about peoples motives.

    i think its a very lovely piece of art, personally. and i agree its good to see variety here and i realize this site is a great resource for art collectors to stay informed and discover new stuff.

  13. Oh, sorry. I thought you were BBQing the first poster, blow job.

    I agree with some of what you say.

  14. Is this the same Kyle who sold the Mars Volta poster by Emek for $1500? Hmmmm….

  15. I’m one of the people who requested it to be on the site, I visit this site daily and I’ve discovered lots of great artists thought it. I don’t see anything wrong in wanting people to know about Hussar and his work…

  16. i LOVE this, I want it! BEAUTIFUL.

  17. Does anyone know of either this one or cherry pie for sale ? I can’t see anyone being stupid enough to sell it if they have it, but you never know

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