New Obey x Barack Obama Print: “Vote”

Here’s some official info, gotta thank Arrested Motion big time for the scoop, they are quickly becoming an authority on news about street art.  The newest Obama-inspired image by Shepard Fairey, “Vote”, will indeed be made into a limited edition print.  In fact, it will be the next piece in the official Artists For Obama campaign.  Like the previous prints, it will be limited to 5000 pieces and cost $70.  These should be going up any day now, so keep an eye on

26 Responses to “New Obey x Barack Obama Print: “Vote””

  1. Well if it is a run of 5000, then I guess I may have a shot at this Fairey.

  2. can’t wait to snag 4800 of them.

  3. Unfortunately they don’t ship internationally.

  4. As a campaign intern, I can tell you that poster versions of these are available at most campaign for change offices in the swing states. They are paster-like and have state specific info on the bottom of the poster. So go sign up to help out and get one for free!

  5. I’m going to guess with a run of 5K they are not signed or numbered

  6. numbered not signed

  7. tom, I can buy one for you and ship if you like

  8. No j. Don’t do it.

    That will only leave 4999 for us real americans.

  9. that of course depends on where you live?

    real americans only live in rural areas according to “Neiman” Barbie.

  10. He’s our president! You can’t have him!

    Until he shows up on ebay, THEN you can have him! lol 😉

  11. yeah i mean honestly, the international shipping thing is somewhat valid. im sure you can still donate tho so feel free! woo hoo! USA! USA! awww jk

  12. new one up, looks okay, the detail is out of this world

    check it out

  13. that new one is awesome

  14. This makes me want to get out and Vote. Feel the energy!

  15. Where is it? I don’t see it in artists for obama?

  16. Recycler, you’re talking about the Gui Borchert print or the Shep?

  17. Saw a bunch of Obey heads e-mailing the Obama store asking for a release today, join the good fight and send an e-mail to

  18. I still use a horse and buggy, and grow my own food. I’m as real as it gets.

  19. yeah was talking about the Gui, not the Shep.

    Want the shep, but bought what they put up today (detail rocks)

  20. Hi J., that would be awesome if you’re able to. But I can only afford at cost plus shipping of course (if you were looking for a quick flip..sorry). I’m located in Canada, so shipping here is pretty easy.

  21. just looking to reimburse me for the cost to me plus the additional shipping.

  22. Another new one up, Lance Wyman. Looks cool.

  23. Hey J.. All is good. I’ve got a sis who lives in SF who’s going to nab me one and bring it back home for the holidays. I really appreciate the offer though.

  24. any word on this???????

  25. a few on ebay, not as cool as I thought they would look. they seem legit…. can’t figure out where they were sold.

  26. I really want a numbered one of the prints – i want to put it up in my home in Brixton, London

    Am sitting here watching the results, Mr O is in as far as I can tell

    These are great times – gotta love the us of a!!!!!

    I hope you all voted (one way or t’other)

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