New Obama Poster: “Words of Change” by Gui Borchert

Looks like the Shepard Fairey poster wasn’t the next one in the Artists for Obama campaign, because this new one by Gui Borchert just dropped.  It is a 23″ x 40″ offset, has an edition of 5000, and is $60.  The detail on this is truly insane.  Visit

9 Responses to “New Obama Poster: “Words of Change” by Gui Borchert”

  1. fantastic!

  2. this is an amazing poster and I’m def. planning on ordering one.

  3. Where can I buy one of these in the uk? The official website does not ship to the UK!

  4. Wher can I buy these posters I live in Bermuda?

  5. This poster is wonderful! Unfortunatly, they are sold out on President Elect Obama’s Website. How can I purchase one elsewhere?

  6. Heather, ebay has some anywhere from $150 – $400. Apparently a lot of people think they are wonderful.

  7. Wonderful art! Can the poster be purchased anywhere else? Is there any chance that additional copies will be printed?

  8. I’d like to purchase an Obama poster…where could I get it, please? Thanks.

  9. This is amazing you put some serious work into this. I can say that I do believe in change. Where can I purchase a poster like this.

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