New Evan Hecox Art Print (Onsale Info)

Just got word about this new Evan Hecox art print.  This was produced for Evan’s upcoming show at MatherKunst in Amsterdam (a new gallery from one of the Andenken owners).  The brown paper version is limited to 20 pieces and will be $175, the white is limited to 100 and will be $100.  Now is when things get tricky.  Half of the run was printed at 40cm x 50cm and will be available by shooting MatherKunst an email this Friday (October 24).  The other half of the run was printed at 16″ x 20″ and will be for sale stateside that same day at

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  1. Where’s all the comments? Everybody wanted Hecox to do lower runs and something other than ‘buildings and some kind of car’? Well here ’tis.

    I love this, I know $175 is steep, but I’m gunna try for a brown one.

  2. yes – all them people who cant flip him anymore, dips. i have many of his editions and the ‘white sun’ is one of my faves along with el poder de hacer.

  3. I didn’t post as I didn’t want to add misery to Mr Hecox’s life.

  4. He has a show in Amsterdam, where weed is legal:

  5. Oh, and I have nothing but good things to say about Evan Hecox. One of the best artists and illustrators out there.

  6. This is a cool piece.

  7. Is there a specific time on Friday when we are supposed to send an email? More details would be appreciated.

  8. I hope I am able to get one.. I work at Philip Morris and this would look great in my office!!!!

  9. They are up!

  10. they are up if you want one:

    i grabbed a white one early this morning.

  11. Oh yes! I gots me a brown one, today has been a good day.


  13. Kangorillapig-
    Were the brown ones available on or do you need to email? I see the white available but I was really hoping to pick up the brown… Thanks.

  14. The Brown is Sold-Out

  15. Thanks LAZK.

  16. I did try and email the address given but got no reply, was just lucky enough to check when they were up. I do think the brown is a lot nicer. If I had a spare $900 I would have bought one of the originals….

  17. really really love his stuff, and his color choices. these ciggies remind me of sunday birria joints and everyone has had a 6pack, and a pack of cigs before noon…
    my fave is his piece @DF, some with bikes, and large billboards and other1s. couldnt get thru in his site earlier this year to let him know i did a post bout him. ill try again later this year /love from sf –

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