Joshua Budich Art Print Set: “I Can’t Let Go”

Joshua Budich continues to put out cool, affordable art prints, and he has two brand new ones.  “I Can’t” and “Let Go” are each 18″ x 24″ screenprints with editions of 50.  You can purchase them individually for $35, or get the set for $60.  Visit

Click the image for a larger view:

14 Responses to “Joshua Budich Art Print Set: “I Can’t Let Go””

  1. This guys great – I just received “the reminder” with the boxer taking a left punch. Great print, amazing colors and cheap.

  2. I cant see them online ?

  3. go through internet explorer. for some reason, I couldn’t find them on AOL but when I pulled his site up on IE, there they were.

  4. Checked out the artist’s site, some of his prints resembles the style of Fairey’s and the I Can’t Let Go and the boxer one is totally Faile. What’s uP?

  5. great call, i saw the fairy resemblance, but faile is right on!

  6. I totally disagree with the faile reference. seriously, they are totally different. Pattern background vs. words. punch makes contac vs. lunging. skeleton vs. two fighters taken from someone else’s picture.

    The fairey coparison is relevant but in my eyes only on the jack johnson print.

    I guess to each their own.

  7. I totally see Faile and if he used different colors on this, you’d see it too

  8. Stylistically and similar appropriation:

  9. yo j. (joshua) we’re not saying exact replicas, though the girl in this recent one looks awfully faile-esque

  10. I don’t disagree with the girl in the new ones. They are def. faile-esque. But “The Reminder” should not be included in with this comparison.

    I am color blind so, I just see it for what it is. Of course, jk.

  11. Faile did not invent this style, they’ve only appropriated it like Josh did. Cool prints, Budich’s best yet IMO.

  12. yep. best yet. no doubt. keep it up. word

  13. Couldn’t let them pass. They look great! I thought of Faile on these also and Shepard Fairey on some of the some of the others.

  14. I got mine a couple days ago–they’re wild in person.

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