Exclusive Giveaway For OMGPosters Readers From Insound

Insound has extended us the amazing opportunity to offer one of our readers a free Department of Eagles poster by Jason Munn aka The Small Stakes.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, limited to 300 pieces.  The winner will be announced right here at OMG on October 28.  I picked this one because DOE are one of my favorite new bands, and it is my favorite design from the Insound 20 collection Jason did.  This link won’t be offered anywhere else, it is for my loyal OMGPosters readers only.  Be sure to sign up at Insound.com.

29 Responses to “Exclusive Giveaway For OMGPosters Readers From Insound”

  1. Stoney, life has dealt you a bad hand.

    What with your bitterness, loneliness and also brutally being bullied at school for being the most unpopular kid in the year.

    I sympathies – you have had a hard time and now as an adult things have just got worst for you. It must be horrifically lonely being so shunned by people and spending birthday after birthday alone and crying but this is not the site for you to vent your anger.

    I am sure the “Kiddy Fiddling charges” will be dropped and until then keep your spites up and keep brave and try and seek help somewhere else – It can get better just keep going.

  2. It’s funny how people start with personal attacks because I question the integrity of the site. Enjoy your low self esteem Sacha.

  3. Fish on the hook !
    That must have hurt.


  5. well! i just signed up for the free print drawing! how do ya like that mr stoney! wanna get stoned i bet???? me too!!!!!!!

  6. Stoney,
    Please have a read over what BEEFLOAD mentioned about advertising.

    I really think he stated it clearly and simply for you to understand.
    I get it that these kinds of spaces can be threatened by too much sponsor interaction but that is not the case here. It is not a site specializing in fine oil paintings although they wouldn’t sit uncomfortably alongside the rest of the content. It is a site dedicated primarily to prints… a genre somewhat defined by the advertising of concerts and events.

    I think you are possibly being a little over paranoid.

  7. i think hes being too much of a mr pee pants.

  8. I want to win this, I love this guys work and plan on buying this eventually if I dont win!

  9. thanks for the offer mitch, keep up the good work

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