Ten New Art Prints by 64 Colors

64 Colors, a design group that are becoming a favorite of mine, just released ten brand new art prints.  The series has a definite retro feel, and they nailed it in their signature style.  They are 8.5″ x 11″ giclees, have editions of 75, and are only $20 each.  Visit the 64 Colors Store.

2 Responses to “Ten New Art Prints by 64 Colors”

  1. These are great – I have been collecting their Marshmallow man for sometime – Lord knows why but they really appeal to me – They are just very fun and well designed.
    I picked up two on this run, the mallow boy and cup and spoon dancing

  2. just got ours in the mail and they are wonderful! we were lucky enough to score the bonus print as well!!! YAY!

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