Signed & Numbered Gallery in Salt Lake City

In case you didn’t know, Leia Bell opened her very own gallery in Salt Lake City.  They largely focus on prints, and have had some great shows so far.  If you’re ever in SLC, stop by for sure.  Check out this video interview / gallery profile with Leia.

Currently they are running a show featuring screenprints based on the photography of Patrick Phegley.  The images all depict the streets of Los Angeles, and the prints are a great deal.  They are all large screenprints with super tiny editions, and only cost $20-$40 each.  Check out the whole show at

9 Responses to “Signed & Numbered Gallery in Salt Lake City”

  1. Leia rules.

  2. I’ll second that.

  3. Wow! I wanna go there, shame I live in England…….when’s the online shop going to be up?

  4. I enjoyed that.

  5. Hey, kangorillapig.

    There’s a picture to your right which links Leia’s website/store. if that’s not appearing.

    Watch for a Leia Bell show in West Virginia April 2009 curated by marshhouse

  6. Sh*t, which one of you bought all the good ones?

  7. Very cool short. Looks really cool. I’ll be out there in March and am gonna check it out.

    nice mugshot.

  8. Thanks for the comments! We are working on the online store, though I am beholden to the web designer who seems to have mysteriously disappeared. …
    SUPPOSEDLY it’s going to be functional by the end of October, but it’ll probably take a bit longer I’m guessing. If any of y’all would like to be added to our email newsletter, shoot me an email: goprintgo(at)

  9. […] put together a little video about the store, whcih sells hand printed art, and can be viewed here. Also worth mentioning is that the shop is directly below record store, i.e. moneytrap, Slowtrain […]

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