Shen Jingdong Art Prints at Red Star Press

Shen Jingdong is a big name in the Chinese contemporary art scene, being displayed at many of the major galleries and museums in China.  Red Star Press, constantly on a mission to expose the American market to some of the best artists China has to offer, just released three new prints by Mr. Jingdong.  These pieces are directly inspired by Shen’s roots in the People’s Liberation Army.  “Army”, “Air Force” and “Navy” are each huge 43″ x 35″ wood plate prints, made with boards that were hand-carved by the artist.  They have tiny editions of 15 and are $1000 each.  Visit

5 Responses to “Shen Jingdong Art Prints at Red Star Press”

  1. The 3rd one looks like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

  2. It is, he fell out with his sponsor and is doing other work at the moment. He’s also been spotted with Madonna and could be involved in the whole split up scene.
    Keep cool Stay Puff.

  3. Too bad these are so expensive, I like ’em.

  4. Looks like art from the Tintin comic series.

  5. Jediak, that’s exactly what I was thinking!!!

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