Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s New Cable Poster

Aaron Horkey just keeps bringing great art to the table.  Here is a first peek at a brand new Cable poster for another set of “Three Nights of Noise” shows next week.  The gold is metallic, in fact the colors and size are the exact same as the last Cable poster.  It will be a 3 color screenprint.  These will be available at the shows, then online through Burlesque Design eventually.  Until then, enjoy the image.

15 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s New Cable Poster”

  1. I’m sure my shitty work laptop screen can’t be doing this jusitce… Very nice, nonetheless

  2. This guy just KILLS it every single time.

  3. wow, rediculous

  4. insanity. i can’t get enough horkey. oh please, mr visa…. last me until this one is on my wall.

  5. Wow! This is freakin awesome. Hopefully I can get to one of the shows.

  6. gorgeous!

  7. Dear Mr. Horkey, As much as I love your stuff, will you please slow down for a few months and let my bank account recover? I’d appreciate it.

    I’ve got to get my mitts on this.

  8. WoW…..

    i do not own any of his prints but it looks like i am soon.

  9. love the work….but he does the same bands over and over . lets see some great prints that arent band related and that arent 5000 dollar original prints.

  10. This is great – I would also like this to be my first Horkney

  11. Killer.

  12. reminds me a lot of the Converge print that he did a while back. awesome!

  13. this ones coo, but the other cable poster is betterer. word

  14. i got one tonight at the show…….it is much more impressive in person. The numbered edition is for 75 which is pretty small for 3 nights.

  15. […] watch for an announcement next week about Aaron Horkey’s new Cable poster.  It is set to drop sometime on Thursday, November […]

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