Ten Questions With The Bubble Process

For today’s ten questions, I’ve invited a couple of designers that are very underrated.  If you haven’t seen The Bubble Process’ work before, I suggest you take some time to do so today, it’s amazing stuff.  Plus, they’re cool guys.  Ladies and gentlemen, Rez and Sean, The Bubble Process.

Age: Rez: The Bubble Process started officially in Feb. of 2006. However, Sean and I were doing weird stuff since we met in 1999.

Location: For now, New York and Ohio

Years Doing Posters: 2+

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done:

Rez: My favorite we have done is either Explosions In The Sky or Clap Your Hands say Yeah

Sean: Mine would have to be a poster we did for Be Your Own Pet/ Black Lips a while ago. It was probably the first time we really worked effectively together on a poster, adding our own personal ideas and style to make something great.

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did:

Rez: Anything By Ben Shahn or Posada

Sean: I love Ben Shahn’s prints and artwork.

Music Currently In Rotation:

Rez: Amenra, Deer Tick, Dead Milkmen, Warhorse, Rwake, Pebbles Volumes, Elvis at Sun, and Playlists of playlists of playlists.

Sean: I have been listening to Warsaw, King Khan and the Shrines, Funkadelic, Devo, and I got the new Aids Wolf record last week, which is really good too.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought:

Rez: We traded a bunch at Flatstock 17. Got some great stuff by Hero, Grezca, Gina Kelley, Furturtle, Decoder Ring and many more!!  I got an Art Chantry from James Victore earlier this spring. That was awesome.

Sean: Yeah Flatstock was really fun for us. I also really like these Mark Todd zines I bought the last time I visited Chicago.

Art Hanging On Your Walls:

Rez: Tons of stuff. Aesthetic Apparatus, a Dan Grezca, Old prints (a posada and a John James Audubon), Gina Kelley, a Potter Press that is begging to be hung up and a strong NO from the misses on taking up more wall space.

Sean: I have lots of weird stuff on my walls. A sweet Furturtle poster, 2 Grezeca posters, a couple Zeloots that I adore. I also have a Magnup PI tv tray, and a Suge Knight framed picture.

Upcoming Stuff: Girl Talk/ Girl Talk / Deerhunter and Tons More. Plus we are doing some work with some performing arts theatres in Cleveland.

Words of Wisdom:

Rez: “It’s all over, once we go up Troy’s bucket.” –Goonies

Sean: “I always want to feel this way” – Me

To see more, and to puchase some extremely inexpensive posters, visit TheBubbleProcess.com.

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  1. These boys are doing some nice work.

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