New Posters and Art Prints by Nate Duval

Nate Duval has just posted some new stuff in his store, and (like usual) it’s very good.  The goods include his new Okkervil River poster, a poster for an Andrew Bird show (it’s actually a collaboration between he and Jen Skelley), and an art print with the same image.  He also has some other fresh stuff not listed here, so check it all out at

2 Responses to “New Posters and Art Prints by Nate Duval”

  1. I like. Anyone know how that Okkervil print looks in person? I imagine pretty great with the silver metalic.

  2. Looks good except for me the text stands out to much – would be pretty hard to place the text anywhere but thought maybe it could be more discreet – Great picture.

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