More Masayoshi Hanawa Originals

Jaysus, these Japanese psychedelic freakouts by Masayoshi Hanawa just keep coming, and they keep getting better.  The new batch includes seven new canvases, six framed pieces, and fourteen framed doodles.  The prices range from around $30-$150, ultra cheap.  These have been going FAST, so run over to

9 Responses to “More Masayoshi Hanawa Originals”

  1. Shipping is a killer. Close to $25 to NY. Got one anyway.

  2. They come from Japan EMS (like 3-5 days), that shipping is low.

  3. I guess the shipping price isn’t that bad. Grabbed the elephant looking one. Can’t wait to get it.

  4. I could not pass these up a second time. Picked up Makai.

  5. I really want one of these, but I’m low on cash at the moment. Plus I prefer the more expensive pieces, go figure…

  6. Again – I picked up another great piece – There are 2 amazing more expensive ones left… these need to be snapped up now !

  7. Damn it. I missed this batch. My two from the last batch arrived IMMEDIATELY to CA from Japan – only $15 shipping – totally fair.

  8. Jen – There is an amazing on available – for me one of the very best


  9. Got the print. I love it.

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