Customizable Artist Merchandise at ARTSPROJEKT

I hadn’t seen this site before, and I’m pretty intrigued.  ARTSPROJEKT (brainchild of artist and former pro skateboarder Andy Howell) has teamed up with Zazzle to offer custom products by a load of contemporary artists.  Skateboard decks, shirts, shoes, posters, etc are available by Emek, Shepard Fairey, Mars-1, Alex Pardee, and more, with most everything being available in customizable sizes.  The site is definitely worth a look, they some pretty rad stuff for sale.  Visit

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  1. I just need to say that the quality on their decks is horrible, I ordered one of Dalek’s boards but was pretty bummed out when I received it and ended up returning it. The so called “unrivaled patent-pending printing process” is nothing more than an inkjet print pasted onto the board. That’s what I got for $99!!! plus shipping

  2. hmm. Thanks for the info dmon. I was debating on getting a print made but now I think I’ll pass.

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