Billy Perkins’ “The Shining” Poster

Wow, Billy Perkins has been on fire lately.  The Alamo Drafthouse had Billy and Jeff Kleinsmith do dueling posters, and it’s honestly hard to say which one is better.  This one is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with a clear varnish overlay and metallic inks.  The regular blue edition is $30, the red variant is $50.  Visit

9 Responses to “Billy Perkins’ “The Shining” Poster”

  1. I think this piece KILLS. This is really beautiful. Wow – crazy impressive drawing of Jack.

  2. this is rad. I need the red one ASAP

  3. This piece truly KILLS. Do both include metallic inks?

  4. Response to Recycler: Only the blue version has metallic ink, in the background blue & eyes.


  5. Does everyone make variants now?

  6. Great stuff, Billy. I had to pick up both!

  7. Had to pick up both too

  8. Response to Stoney: Alamo does well with variants & requests them. On this one, I was stoked on the red version & MondoTess was the same with the blue one, so we went with both our instincts & printed both versions.


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