Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Detritus Art Print (Japan Version)

Well here’s a nice little scoop for the day.  Like the Whale Bone Grove, Aaron Horkey’s Detritus art print will have a special release through Mega-Fauna (including Burlesque’s Japanese distributor), this time in more of a white/silver colorway (with spots of transparent metallic gold).  The official name of this version is “Detritus – JP (Zangai)”.  It is approximatley 14″ x 28″ with an edition of 60.  There are also Kraft and Steel Grey variants being produced.  Like the regular version, the Japanese version has unique hand embellishments on each print.  The 12 egg cases are painted and highlighted, the keys are numbered and painted, and the unique blood on the ray and red writing at the bottom were done in ink mixed with Horkey’s actual blood.  There is also a unique word or phrase hand-written in each print’s Mega-Fauna scroll.  The price and release date will be announced soon in the Mega-Fauna newsletter and at Mega-Fauna.com.

EDIT:  This will be released at the Mega-Fauna opening in Japan this Saturday, then will be online at a time to be announced soon.  The price will be ¥58,000 including tax, shipping, insurance, and all other fees.

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  1. His actual blood?

    Whoa. I’m not sure I’m into that. I only want someone to give just so much…

  2. I ONLY buy art that I contains artist DNA.

  3. Cool – Now the key will be the release date and time !
    I will keep popping back to see if its up or anyone has any more info.

  4. I heard that the egg cases were painted using a special blend of Aaron’s sweat and tears as well

  5. The paper is made of trees that Aaron Horkey felled with an ax.

  6. Aaron Horkey walks up to a tree with an axe… the tree gives up… falling over without a sound. That’s Aaron Horkey.

  7. I like these.

    Do you guys think that if I buy this print, I can clone Aaron Horkey?

  8. Must have.


  9. LOL…is Aaron Horkey the poster version of Chuck Norris?!

  10. not chuck norris…. bill brasky.

  11. galactus43, on October 6th, 2008 at 6:42 pm Said:
    LOL…is Aaron Horkey the poster version of Chuck Norris?!

    i thought that was already made clear haha

  12. Did I ever tell you about the time Horkey went hunting? Horkey decides he’s going to hunt down all four of the Banana Splits. He stalks and kills every one of them with a machete. They all begged for their lives…except Fleegle.

  13. Aaron Horkey once ate brocolli and pooped steak

  14. WHAT HAVE WE BEGUN?!?!?!!

  15. I love his stuff, I buy his stuff, the blood thing is just going a little far. I’ll stay away from that one :)

  16. This is so bad ass

  17. $572.

  18. WTF, his own blood?

  19. This is very expensive. I remember when Horkey prints used to be $25 and take forever to sell out.

  20. We all do , so what ?

    This is rare as fuck , stunning , and worth every penny .

    I’m glad to see a price to scare off all but the most confident flipper .

  21. this is the closest i will ever come to own a horkey “OG” so i will gladly pay that price. i just hope i will be able to get one.

  22. The last of the Detrius prints are now up in the Upper Playground estore!

    We were previously sold out of the Aaron Horkey, “Detrius” print (pictured below), and everyone we talked to was really pretty sad. It got to the point where the person who answers our phones had to be put on qualludes just to deal with constantly dejecting people like that. But then a miracle happened, we’ve found a few more. So good people of the Upper Playground / Fifty24SF Gallery world: go out and be happy again (until we sell out again that is…)

    Link: https://www.upperplaygroundstore.com/catalog/item/sold_out_aaron_horkey_detrius_print_3370

    Good Luck!

  23. […] art print by Aaron Horkey will go on sale.   For all the pertinent info on this print, see my last post about it.  These will drop tomorrow (Thursday, October 17) at 20:57 Japan time.  That translates […]

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