New Posters By The Silent Giants

The Michigan design group The Silent Giants have a slew of new concert posters for sale on their site.  Since my last post about them, they’ve done prints for Xiu Xiu, Mogwai, Black Mountain, Sigur Ros, and more.  All of their prints are hand printed, they are produced in super low editions, and are all $20 or less.  Like I said before, these guys are doing it right, and are worth supporting for sure.  Check out The Silent Giants Store.

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  1. WOW… these posters look great !!!!!

  2. yeah very cool. love the textures.

  3. THIS is how it’s done. Awesome art, printed by hand.
    This is exactly how folks can start to build a great art collection at an affordable price.
    Nice Job!

  4. i have a new favorite mogwai poster

  5. lovely! thanks a lot!

  6. I really like a couple of these. However, the band names on them just kinda kills it for me. I’m glad they’re gettin’ their paid on from the bands so they are able to do this work, but I just can’t buy a print with the name of a band on it – whether I’m a fan or not, really.
    Good work, though, for sure! (I especially like the one with the owl)

  7. Thank you everyone for all your nice comments.

    Tool, im glad u enjoy the prints, and im sorry about the band names being on them. However, you are not the first person to tell us this, so our next run of prints is probably going to be full of art prints, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that.

  8. Loving that Black Mountain print. Keep up the great work!

  9. Great stuff, Ed.

    Way to put Michigan back on the map!

  10. I’m super stoked to hear about the art prints coming up, i cant wait, picked up one from the first batch and another from this one, great job, finally some stuff with character and doesnt look like i printed on my inkjet

  11. I don’t understand exactly…isn’t part of this art process trying to create an image that fits the band in some way? Maybe I’m alone here, but making the poster for a band just seems to challenge an artist in a different way than an art print alone and the results, especially to a fan of the band, can be that much more rewarding.

  12. Concert posters always come first in my world.

  13. Concerts always come first in my Milky Way.


  14. Archer, your 100% right, and thats the best challenge. Coming up with something the imagery that fits the band is always more rewarding. you take inspiration from a lyric or a song title, or just how the music makes you feel. and to me the typography is just as much of the art as the poster itself.

    but its understandable that people who may not be into a certain band, or don’t know there music but still enjoy the art and aesthetic of a screen printed poster would want art prints.

    plus creating/printing posters is funnnnnn

    thanks for the support everyone



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  17. GREAT!!

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