New Daniel Danger Art Print: “September” (Onsale Info)

Daniel Danger traveled to Portland, OR earlier this month to assist Diesel Fuel Prints in producing his new art print, “September.”  This one is a huge 30.5″ x 23″ fifteen color screenprint, has an edition of 100 (though only about 60 will be available), and is $100.  You can pick one up today (Monday, September 29) at 1pm EST.  They will be sold and shipped by

You can also view a process blog documenting the making of this print HERE.

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  1. andydiesel it is not nice to call people “fucking retarded”. There are some people here who actually suffer from mental retardation and would certainly take offense.

  2. this is the first time i think i’ve ever agreed with meatloaf

  3. another insightful customer service post by andy diesel callin gsomeone a retard. aren’t you the same jackass that posed on EB not too long ago how you don’t need any customers? if you spent half the time you spend yelling at customers on a real business model, perhaps you wouldnt have these problems.

  4. chico, those are strong words. I think you might be on to something.

  5. “…..if you spent half the time you spend yelling at customers on a real business model, perhaps you wouldnt have these problems.”

    heh, you are totally right. the business model customer service i have must not have been working well for the last 18 years we’ve been in business. Can you recommend a good book with business models?

  6. Can you recommend a book with good manners?

  7. Deltasigchi4 defeats Annette
    Deltasigchi4 levels up

  8. manners went right out the window when Chico accused me of having unethical business practices in his first comment here. I take that pretty seriously as i do the printing and publishing of art.

  9. I think the fact that Andy and Dan released their extra copies of the prints to cover those who missed out on the early release shows how good their business practices are. I also think Andy’s response to these stupid comments are in line. Y’all need to grow up and know when to STFU. I’ve never seen so many people with such high senses of entitlement.

  10. all one has to do is look at your posts over at EB – it’s evident you have never had any manners or desire to even listen to a view point outside of your own without calling someone stupid, a retard, or some off color remark.

    the one book i would recommend you can write is: the best (or worst) form of advertising is word of mouth.

  11. Nobody’s perfect – I sure ain’t – Ask Admin, I overstep the mark and get slapped.

    DD and Diesel showed integrity and also came onto this site and openly explained what went wrong – That’s pretty darn upfront.

    Having a go at someones business because they didn’t manage to get a poster and wants to have a go at someone is understandable human emotion but I am not sayings it’s correct, nor is the retard comment (Spas is better)

    Good print DD and sorry it went wrong Diesel.

  12. andydiesel and justin…It’s nice to be important….but it is also important to be nice

  13. Let it be.

  14. Wow! People whining! Andydiesel with the over-the-top comebacks! 50+ comments! A blog showing the printing process! Hype! Daniel Danger!
    Frat guys collecting prints! It is a lovely day at OMG!

  15. It took place over two [2] days, Einstein.


  16. This is alot more reserved than deltafratchig and codeblues night long mutual troll jerk off on EB.

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