Emek’s Sigur Ros Concert Poster

Looks like Emek has put together a brand new concert poster for a Sigur Ros gig at Red Rocks later this week.  This is the most complex screenprint Emek has done yet, clocking in at fourteen colors.  Check out this animated image that shows the color process.  I will keep you updated on any release info.  Until then, enjoy the picture.

15 Responses to “Emek’s Sigur Ros Concert Poster”

  1. Dope band, super dope poster!

  2. i love sigur ros and this print fails to represent the band, their artistic style or sound. when i think of or listen to sigur ros this type of imagery doesn’t even cross my mind.

  3. Will this be for sale at the show? ANYONE??? EMEK???
    I live by Red Rocks!

  4. I agree fee. I don’t get this print at all.

  5. That’s because this imagery wasn’t originally designed for this band.

  6. I don’t agree.

    I think some their music sounds very primeval, and yet still futuristic.

    So, while no band poster is ever going to perfectly capture a bands sound, I would by no means call this a miss.

  7. Zma,
    sigur ros’ sound is very organic and is highly influenced by the countryside and culture of their homeland, Iceland. their music, art and videos are all one cohesive thing that represents the band, there is absolutely nothing about this print that relates to them. go watch their documentary called “Heima” and tell me at what point during the movie you think of geisha robots, satellite dishes and flying jelly fish…

    i agree that no band poster is going to perfectly capture a bands sound but this doesn’t even come close. this is like doing artwork for the pussycat dolls and slapping “TOOL” across the top.

    you are either so blinded by your love for emek that you can’t handle any kind of criticism towards his work or you know nothing about sigur ros.

  8. Stoney,

    well if that’s the case and the imagery wasn’t designed for the band then it’s even more sad. maybe emek should concentrate more about who he is designing for instead of taking an existing design and slapping the band’s name across the top.

  9. I’d say for the most part, the art matches perfectly for the band. Recent examples: Mars Volta, Erykah Badu

  10. yes, this art and style might fit mars volta and badu but it’s nothing at all like sigur ros.

  11. I sometimes feel like artists have drawings or ideas already done and they just slap whatever band name it happens to be on there and call it good. This is a good example.

  12. oh sorry stoney I just repeated exactly what you said. In that case, well put sir.

  13. I admire the time it takes to do all these layers and colors in a screened poster, but I think at a certain point it starts to detract. The strong color schemes you get with screen printing is one of my favorite parts about show posters. I thought Whale Bone Grove by A. Horkey was great, but the fact that it was 16 (I think….) colors actually made it less interesting to me. I like what Horkey does with 4-8 colors better. Just my personal opinion I guess.

  14. Actually Fee I don’t really like Emek.
    I haven’t watched their documentary, and they are by no means my favorite band, but according to my iTunes I’ve listened to “Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust” 21 times now.

    Listening to the first song, “Gobbledigook” I still think it’s not that far off. It opens with a chant and clapping beat, that’s the primeval. Then we have the distorted background singers throughout the song. I’d call that futuristic. So, Asian with lots of eyeballs. No. But, a nautilus and a satellite, maybe.

    That’s why I don’t think it’s a complete miss.
    And, once again, not an Emek fan.

  15. hmm…didn’t see any of these at the show…

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