Obama Poster by ChangeTheThought

I know, I know, ANOTHER Obama poster, but this one is pretty rad.  Denver’s ChangeTheThought (aka Christopher Cox) just released the newest addition to the insanely long list of Obama art prints.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ offset on heavy stock paper, and word is there were 1700 printed.  They are being offered for $50.  You can pick one up at MerchLine.com.

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  1. definitely the best obama poster i’ve seen – great colours and typography.

  2. I wonder how much of the $85,000 will go towards the Obama campaign? Aren’t there limits? At face value, it looks like a cash grab IMO.

  3. Finally, one that I enjoy enough to buy

  4. There are more paintings/prints of Obama now than Jesus, holy crap!

  5. I’m sick of all of these ubiquitous posters. I doubt any of them actually helps him dispel the “celebrity” charge. I cannot wait for this election period to end.

  6. It is getting a bit out of hand. I like Obama, but there can be too much of something and I feel that Obama is reaching an oversaturation point. And when that happens, people will begin to reject him and his ideas.

  7. I doubt people will reject a person’s ideas because of how many posters have been made with their depiction. That is the most assinine thing I’ve heard all day — and I read Red Nation Alert YT comments.


  8. I am not saying just because of posters, but because of nonstop news coverage, celebrities throwing in their 2 cents, musicians having fundraisers and “obama” concerts every other day. It is not assinine, as people tend to reject most things that are shoved down their throat every other second. It is called human nature.

  9. Greg — wanna talk about shoving? How about that lipstick down the pig’s throat? Huh?

    You should be happy to see someone on the news who HAS ideas, even if he can’t see Russia from his house.

  10. there were 2,000 printed signed and numbered, 1,700 left after Manifest Hope.

  11. Jennifer,

    Before throw yourself in a fit. I am voting for Obama. All I am saying is that everywhere you go, someone is telling you to vote for Obama. This isn’t political, just an observation and a sentiment that I have been hearing more and more as the campaign rolls on. I have no idea what point you are trying to make with your comments about lipstick and Russia, but that is fine that you feel any dissenting comment (even though it was not intended to be) needs to turn into basically a name calling match. You are what is wrong with American politics today, whether you are a democrat or republican. Nobody can have any conversation without it turning into pissing match. Both candidates are lackluster in my opinion. Obama is just the better of two shit sandwiches.

  12. I think the more the better, sorry, why not idolize and pay tribute to someone who can actually do something good for us people. This is what we need, we need people paying attention to this stuff, because this is real life this isn’t some reality show, this is the real deal. The more people pay attention and have rallies and do poster and make lunch boxes or whatever the more people are going to get it. Im not for people cashing in on obama name but if your out to help the cause by all means go for it, its the only chance we have left to save this place

  13. Greg —

    I was using symbolism. Re-read what I wrote.I was addressing the name calling from the GOP re: lipstick, pig, Russia, etc. I wasn’t trying to attack you. But this election is crucial to the future of this country and it’s very important to me. Trust me, I’m not what’s wrong with American Politics.By virtue of thinking, discussing, and voting, I’m on the correct path. Every day I learn more and more. We are blessed to have a candidate like Obama and we need to celebrate that truth.

    Everywhere you go someone might be telling you to vote Obama, but you have to remember that a HUGE percentage of this country ONLY watches Fox News and everywhere THEY go, no one is telling them to vote Obama.

  14. Back to the main point, this is a pretty nice poster. Even after the infinite releases already, this one will appeal to some others may not have.

  15. Here here. I think this poster is beautiful. Since I just donated to the Obama campaign and bought two t-shirts my obama budget is blown, but this is a lovely, lovely print. I love the lighting in it.

  16. Wow, this is really a nice print I wonder if it’s as impressive in person, if the color’s are as bold…

    PS. In Greg’s defense, I too was confused by Jennifer’s original comments but it happens all the time that sarcasm doesn’t through as well in message-board print, well said. : )

  17. Well well

    Political – Guys, as an outsider living in the USA I can honestly say – There ain’t F all between these two guys.
    The degree of separation is minimal. So don’t get so in a twist – Your politcal system does not allow 1 man to rule with novel idea’s – Its not an insult but you “fund” your system and campaigns via the corporate world – companies / trade off for favors / oil drilling rights / christian cash / Gun Lobby cash etc etc- So in the long run you will get the same principles with different faces as they have been bought. So chill.

    Re Poster
    Is OK – Fairey nailed it on the head with his and this joins the line of backup posters.

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