Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jack Long

Tiny Showcase will welcome back an absolute favorite tonight, Mr. Jack Long.  This will be Jack’s fourth print for the Showcase, and his work is always very popular over there.  It will be a small, inexpensive giclee, and will be limited to 100 pieces.  TS prints come out on Tuesdays at 7:30pm EST.  Visit

Tiny Showcase doesn’t preview their prints, but here is some of Long’s other work:

You can see more at

4 Responses to “Tonight’s Tiny Showcase Print: Jack Long”

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I second that emotion.

  3. Wow…sorry I missed this one…

  4. wwwwwooooooooowwwww beautiful ! The 1st blue one is just great damn i want it 🙂 ooooooowwwwww too late 😀

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