Shepard Fairey “Duality of Humanity” Coverage At SuperTouch

The fine folks at SuperTouch have done an amazing job of chronicling Shepard Fairey’s sold out show at White Walls Gallery.  “Duality of Humanity” is an absolutely huge collection of new works by Fairey.  You can check the show out at, and be sure to check out the coverage at

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  1. Hello Mitch, Love the site! Do you have a recommendation for where to pick up after-market Shepard Fairey prints? I’m can’t stay on the Obey website waiting for prints to randomly appear but am still very interested in buying authentic prints. Thanks for the help!

  2. Go to Ebay, you can buy all the ones I Flip for quadrople the price!

  3. Joseph – I went to the show and 99% were already sold.
    There are a few left – a couple of Billy Idol and the recent skateboard print. These were printed on metal or something. You can get them by following the link to the gallery.
    They are actually OK value at around 1.5 – 2.5K. The trouble is that no one really wants the Billy Idol on there walls – but if you love it you love it.

    The real nice pieces are 25K.

    Follow his obey site or stay in touch with sites such as this and you will have to fly to each show. Most do not preview or pre sell before hand to make sure there is enough hype before the show (or so they say).

    Its a case of cash and will travel.

  4. Sacha, thanks for the thorough response. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or budget to fly to shows. I also don’t have an affinity for Billy Idol on my walls. I guess I’ll try my luck at refresh-n-pray.

  5. Joseph Young, have you tried emailing the artist directly?

  6. goto ducky waddles website,…. youre welcome

  7. joseph,

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