New Art Prints At Threadless

Threadless just keeps quietly releasing new art prints in their store.  The coolest thing about their prints is that they are all printed by Chicago artists like Dan Grzeca, Delicious Design, and The Post Family.  They are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 250, and are $35.  There’s a ton for sale, so check out

3 Responses to “New Art Prints At Threadless”

  1. that second one down is zeeloot. very nice.

  2. Well, I’m not going to go through them all and check, but even if all the prints right now are by Chicago artists, that’s not how Threadless works – they could be from anywhere.

  3. They are all printed by Chicago artists is what I meant. Grzeca, Delicious, etc handle all the production on these.

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