New Alamo Posters: Daniel Danger’s “Amelie” and Kevin Tong’s “Streets of Fire”

The Alamo Drafthouse had Mr. Daniel Danger do a two part poster set for a screening of the French film “Amelie”.  Each one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, and they are being sold as a set for $50.  There is also a super limited set on wood available for $300 (there will only be ten).  You can grab one now at

Click the image for a much larger view.

Also new on the list of Alamo posters is Kevin Tong’s “Streets of Fire” print.  You probably remember Kevin for producing that great Tom Waits poster a few weeks back.  This one is a 12″ x 25″ screenprint for only $25.  Also available at

13 Responses to “New Alamo Posters: Daniel Danger’s “Amelie” and Kevin Tong’s “Streets of Fire””

  1. Amalie and DD?
    Normally I wouldn’t pause half a breath, but those aren’t her eyes, and for me that’s a big minus.

    I don’t know . . .

  2. That doesn’t look like her at all, imo.


  3. really? i think its pretty spot on, not necessarily from the poster of the movie, but in many scenes she looks less cheery and more serious.

    i really like how different scenes are integrated into the whole, the subway transition into the jacket/neck in particular is really nicely done.

    kudos, a fine poster, hopefully someone posts pics of what it looks like printed on wood.
    – t

  4. yea, the eyes throw me off, but its a nice piece otherwise.

  5. Picked one up for the sheer pleasure of wanting to look at it up close. I do agree that it doesn’t quite look at her, but it’s the artist’s interpretation.

  6. Is the regular set signed????

  7. Also, how many regular sets?

  8. who really needs a movie poster on wood? i’m just wondering out loud.

  9. How does that not look like her??? Is it because she doesn’t look like she does on the cover of the DVD? There are plenty of scenes in the movie where she has that “look” about her.


  11. Would it help if you pushed her together again as the poor gals got a huge rip in her face – I think I might look a bit different with a ripped face

  12. Maybe the nose was becoming too difficult to draw.


  13. That looks more like DD’s GF than Amelie

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