Art Prints at Gallery Nucleus

I hadn’t checked in with Gallery Nucleus for awhile, and I was happy to see that they have a ton of great new art prints, as per usual.  All of their art prints are high quality giclees on watercolor paper, and are super inexpensive (though they usually aren’t editioned).  Check out the selection at

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  1. May I ask – What exactly is a giclee ?

  2. Giclee is a very rare and expensive form of print making which was popular in 100-200 A.D. Greece. The method is a highly protected trade secret known by very few outside of the handful practicing it today.

    According to rumors, every color of dye used in the process is acquired from Serotine bats.

  3. High quality inkjet prints, they cost quite a bit of money to make and are the best at reproducing full color paintings.

  4. Thanks Admin and also Zma – Can you refill the bats ?

  5. That Scott C. piece is adorable.

  6. Turns out it’s actually called Adorable Garden. Cool.

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