Digital Gravel x Upper Playground Barack Obama Clothing Collection

Upper Playground has teamed up with Digital Gravel to release a handful of shirts featuring artwork from sold out Barack Obama prints.  Some of the artists involved include Munk One, Alex Pardee, The Date Farmers, Sam Flores, Ron English, and more.  The shirts are $20 each, and all proceeds go toward further promoting the Obama campaign.  Check out the video below, then visit

8 Responses to “Digital Gravel x Upper Playground Barack Obama Clothing Collection”

  1. Nice graphics I just wish UP would use better quality t shirt blanks such as American Apparel and the like.

  2. I like the quality of the UP shirts I have, they tend to fit a little better and shrink less than the AP shirts./

  3. I’m buying the Sam Flores & the Morning Breath.

  4. No Choe?

  5. no choe, lol

  6. I hate AP shirts.

  7. Im all for Obama, but this video is irritating to watch. I think all parties involved could have decided a better way to display/release graphics on t-shirts. Song choice fine as well, but it looks as if it were shot with point and shoot camera, and the best idea to get from one shirt to the next was by zooming into the tag.

  8. Obama shirts arrived today. THEY RULE and fit perfectly. Yay!

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