Sorry if anyone was offended by the Obama Manifest Hope video that was posted earlier.  I guess that’s what I get for not watching the end.  Why they would put that footage in there is beyond me.  I’m a one man show over here, and do occasionally make mistakes.  Thanks, as always, to the loyal readers.

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  1. No worries–I wasn’t offended by you posting the video or David Choe’s comments.

    If Choe wants to be a juvenile ass-hat, that is his business.

    Love the site–keep up the great work.

  2. Darn – I watched it without sound as I am work – Jennifer you saw it, I saw your comment – what did Fairey say ?

  3. Yes ditto – love the site

  4. Haha i thought you delelted it because of something i said lol So im sitting here thinking like shoot did I offend the admin with that comment and he deleted the whole post. Good looks for Obama on the trashing of that movie. Praise to Admin

  5. Yeah, I’m with the banana.

    Wasn’t offended, but wtf?
    Including it in the vid was dumb. It had no relevance.

  6. I missed it. I am at work. Where is the link? Nothing offends me.

  7. You should be able to find it via JetsetGraffiti, or just search Manifest Hope on YouTube. Nothing major, just Choe being Choe.

  8. The only offense i took towards it was being an Obama supporter and then having someone who is suppose to be one too and is suppose be for the movement comes off talkin some straight nonsense like that.

  9. I think we are all tired and horny

  10. straight nonsense makes me laugh

  11. The most offensive thing about Choe’s comment is that the viability of a candidate’s sexual “do-ability” is even a topic of conversation in a presidential campaign. I mean, there are seriously voters out there who are swayed by such inane nonsense. I overheard a guy the other night saying he’d vote for McCain just to get four years of Pallin the librarian eye-candy. When I asked him if he was kidding, he looked at me incredulously. The US electorate is retarded. Nuff said.

  12. Sorry, not quite sure where i should post this so I figured here is as good as any place, ties in with a conversation in these boards a couple weeks back on how Kid Robot has gotten pretty lame…


  13. Fairey sounded reasonable.

    Overall though – it came off as looking like a party where people talked politics and said stuff without much detail or thorough thought. It would have been fine as moments shared between friends without the video camera there. I wasn’t offended, just embarrassed as the GOP will use anything in this election to their advantage and lie about everything and then to top it off most Americans seem to accept that. So Obama supporters have to be careful what they say publicly, especially online. This election is very serious and oh yeah – David Choe totally came off like an asshat. True that. Obama’s married and making him sound like a player “boning chicks” with all the family values people in line to trash anyone’s reputation is just irresponsible and dangerous. Again, as a joke between friends it’s one thing to talk about a president or potential future president in any way you want, but you should be careful when you’re on a video being a representative of a pro-Obama artist’s movement /scene. Scary times indeed.

  14. No worries. Keep up the great work!

  15. Nicely said Jennifer

  16. Any links to the vid. I didnt see it! Thanks!

  17. Why would I post a link to it after taking it down? You can check it out at JetsetGraffiti.

  18. yeah it all came off a teeny bit amateurish to me, Shep most definitely included as usual. i mean, honestly, not unlike musicians, visual artists seem to be like super political in a naive and/or semi-ignorant way, so the contents of the vid arent much of a surprise to me, that’s fo sho. idealism from Fairey, sh*t talkin from Choe, whatever, who cares, i like the pictures but that doesn’t immediately grant anyone credibility in a political forum. yeah it’s tru, Choe’s comments might be used as ammunition for anti-Obamaists but dude, i want to live in a world where some random dude’s comments shouldn’t be censored because right-wing freaks can grab them and play pretend…i mean say what you want, but artists arent some magical all-knowing peeps that can talk politics intelligently, so i have to focus on the entertainment value of the video, which is high. i like to hear offhand comments and people acting as they normally would, which appears to be the case here. word.

  19. word

  20. Went and watched it and I can see why you whooops.
    The guy sounds pretty horny, looks like he would try dry humping the sofa.

    Apart from that the show looked great eh !

  21. Hahah Sacha.

  22. Public Apology to those who were/are offended by the content of the video.

    JetSet Graffiti seeks to provide an un-biased, uncluttered, and truthful account of what it’s like to be there at the venue with the artist’s. That’s all this was about.

    I would like to point out very simply that we are not in this business to censor anyone, and like it or not, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. We support whatever these people have to say, as it is a reflection of the artist, and provides insight into their work.

    We feel that if you are looking to artist’s to provide authority in your political decision making, I might recommend seeking a more qualified opinion on the topic.

    This event was a moment to support Obama, have fun, and move toward the future. We felt that everyone’s comments were reflective of the spirit of the moment.

    Please accept this apology to those who may have ben offended by this content. In the future, we will be sure to post a mature audience notice on the front of any other potentially controversial videos…

  23. I don’t get what’s so offensive?

  24. Nobody had anything intelligent to say in that video; what’s there to be offended about?

  25. Who said Artists are smart? Just makes Obama look bad…if that are the dumb kids voting for him…


  26. That is how Choe talks. His grammar is like the way I just typed. I just picked up on his key words like…well..

    BAD words…..lol

  27. This is censorship.


  28. No Delta, it’s deciding not to post something you don’t believe in. it’s not being censored – anyone can easily find it.

  29. I bet that’s the same argument used by neo-Nazis [Republicans] who ban books from libraries. *crosses arms*


  30. You’re making a false statement, Delta.

    The act of posting or removing something from a privately maintained blog is NOT analogous to banning a book from a library.

    A library is funded with tax dollars and is a place for the general public to find as many differing stories and points of view possible. When a library bans a book, it takes that point of view away from the public and out of circulation. That is censorship because the public can no longer access that information.

    However, this is a blog about poster art run by a private individual. It is his choice to present that video or not present that video in his forum. He also told everyone where they could find it. He did not ban the video, he decided to remove it from his site and still mention (twice) where one could find it. Banning that video from existence is censorship. No one said that that video should be destroyed or banned. We simply argued its validity/point and the admin decided to take it off his privately maintained site.

    Uncross your arms and use your Google skills – it has not been banned. It is easily found. You know, the same way flippers find posters listed on Ebay without an artist’s name for easier flip-ability. Yeah, just like. Search it out. Be a seeker.

  31. Delta just messes with people, he’s probably not even serious, I wouldn’t get too worried about it.

  32. I didn’t catch that video… but I’ve really been enjoying your site, very informative, so good job on that score!

  33. Yeah – I figure as much. I’ve seen him on other sites. Always good to be able to argue and discuss. Opposite of censorship. Must always have a good rebuttal as well as good sense of humor and some important seriousness.

  34. didn’t see the video…can i get a link to view it?

  35. Well… unfortunately, being an artist doesn’t mean being intelligent… the video is the proof

  36. Admin – You don’t have to say sorry for Delta – Hes a gentleman and a big chap he can say sorry to Jen by himself

  37. blah blah greek alphabet blah blah bro blah blah

  38. I missed it! dang it! but I found it and watched it and now I know. Just some unintentional disrespect. We’ll forgive him.

  39. link?

  40. Here’s a link on our website to the video in question:


  41. Daniel Lahoda is scam artist who steals money from his victims.

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