Shepard Fairey’s “E Pluribus Venom”

Shepard Fairey’s new book, “E Pluribus Venom”, is finally available for purchase.  It’s a 44 page collection of the work Shep featured in his June 2007 NYC gallery exhibition.  You can grab a signed copy for $35 at

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  1. I bumped into him last week in SFO – I was driving to the doctor and saw a wall of his stuff, the lights turned red and I was checking the wall out when I noticed Shep pasting the wall. He nodded and stood up and I drove off.

    Strange life on the way to the Docs.
    He’s quiet tall – Thats all I noted.

  2. Picked one up – Would you believe it the server handled it quiet well 🙂

  3. sacha, shepard is not very tall….

  4. Fee – I was sitting in the car and was surprised he was tallish as I heard he was not – he looked very normal. Not sure what he was doing in SFO.

  5. i just got one of these. signed – sweet! if anyone is interested in an unsigned version, they’re only 20 bucks on amazon.

    and double check the number of pages. amazon says 144, and i’ve read other numbers around there too. i think its 100 full page prints, and the rest are pictures of the gallery and stuff. maybe?

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