“Fun City / Urban Archeology” Art Print by Hugh Gran

Being the seven year anniversary of the 9/11 attack, I thought this was an appropriate print to post.  “Fun City / Urban Archeology” is an art print derived from an image that was drawn the summer before the attack, and features the twin towers in the NYC skyline.  It’s a 4″ x 17″ screenprint from Hard Pressed Studios (Mear One’s printer), has an edition of 62, and is only $40.  You can pick one up at YoDepot.com.

Click for a bigger image:

3 Responses to ““Fun City / Urban Archeology” Art Print by Hugh Gran”

  1. Simpler times

  2. when oil was cheaper and a Hummer was still cool

  3. remember when there was a brief movement to go back and erase the towers from all old films and videos? i like this, and eventhough it was drawn before the attack, the towers should be drawn in to all future skylines of new york

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