The Melvins Poster by Tara McPherson

It’s been awhile since Tara McPherson did a concert poster, so I was especially happy to see this new one for The Melvins.  It’s a 16″ x 23″ screenprint, has an edition of 350, and is only $40.  There is also a special edition printed on wood, limited to only 12 pieces.  Visit

10 Responses to “The Melvins Poster by Tara McPherson”

  1. I love her posters so much, this one is a must have !

  2. This one has been up and for sale for weeks.
    Not feeling it.
    She needs to mix up her shiz.
    You’ve seen one Tara anymore and you’ve seen them all.

  3. This one is great – love the tash
    The font is great and it feel spacious.
    Not for me but still thumbs up for the layout and images.

  4. I just received shipping confirmation on the order I placed when this went up the first time. Definitely digging the wood though. If had an extra $300 to blow i’d be all over it.

  5. Meh…

    I like her stuff generally and have a few great pieces of hers up on my walls. Not feeling this one at all.

  6. Melvins freakin’ ROCK!! This print… notsummuch.

  7. Like I said, Tara is phoning stuff in these days. It’s too bad: She has too much potential and youth to be turning out recycles

  8. Is he sniffing his butt finger ?

  9. yawn~ Tara is so 2001….boring

  10. wow, you guys are harsh…

    its tara’s style.. very cool in person.. i like it..

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