New Evan Hecox Art Print: “Berlin Tower”

Looks like Arkitip has a brand new Evan Hecox art print up, and it’s a good one.  “Berlin Tower” is a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is $125.  Pick one up at

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  1. buy one got them all.

    I will be passing yet again – Better than the recent output but not enough separation from the rest of the recent run for me.

    I understand he is in an artistic phase and also is defining his style – but cant he move on a smudge ? Just something a little different please.

    I also should point out that I have zero artistic talent and could not paint a straight line let alone to the level that Mr Hecox can and he has made a great name for himself in the market – So my thoughts are way off the mark but it would be nice not to see
    1/ A Car
    2/ A Building
    3/ A Blob of red
    4/ Some writing (either in Spanish or English)

  2. I cannot draw a straight line either but as soon they went up to 200 prints and the price increased, they cannot sell out of any of his stuff lately…..

  3. does that really say “CBS is dead like you”? it seems to much like text for the sake of text, and that only detracts from the graphic image.

  4. Sacha=broken record

  5. Not dissing the guys work at all as I think most of it is quality but it feels like he is really saturating his print market, 200 prints of each one? about every month? that is quite a lot, shepard fairey and a couple other artists aside I dont think many people could pull off selling 200 prints with a $125 price tag each month and stick to it for very long.

  6. nice

  7. Stoney = Yep your right I should ease off – But lets be dates shall we.. I am a ripped MP3 not a broken record – Are records easy to break ? Lord knows.

    I think an issue is maybe that because he is “not selling as well” that in turn removes the flippers.

    Remove the flippers and his stuff sells less.

    Its a Flipping circle.

    Maybe there is a place and time in space for flippers.

  8. I need an Edit Facility (or an education).

    I don’t want to DATE Stoney, how ever stunning and woodman like he is, I just wanted to say -” Lets be dated shall we.”

    Sorry Stoney to let you down in public like this :(

  9. I bet you’re a real pain in the ass.

  10. I definitely like this image better than more recent offerings and yet I will not be purchasing it.

  11. Stoney, do you think Sacha is cute?

  12. Chill Stoney. I am only joking with you.

  13. Don’t think I won’t kick you out of bed again.

  14. CBS is a local crew in Berlin and the text is actually on that wall

  15. well that clears that up

  16. not really feeling this print, but i like evan’s work. it’s nice to see some euro cities…. amsterdam or rotterdam next please. 😉

  17. Let me clear a few things up here as I work in the Arkitip studio. First of all we appreciate all the interest and support. We have been lucky enough to work with some very talented people and hope to continue to do so. To comment on the recent questions regarding Evan Hecox…

    Subject matter –
    Evan Hecox’s print work is based on photographs that he takes during his travels. Most places involve a city scene or elements you would find in any city worldwide. While there have been a few prints sold through Arkitip that are void of this, the majority of his work will always include that. If you have ever attended one of his exhibitions, you will notice that depending of the time or place, city elements might not be included at all. So really it is a case by case basis. That said, these are the things that Evan finds interesting. You have to remember that artists generally create work for themselves, a type of release or therapy you could say. So to ask an artist to change his style, interests or subject matter is a sensitive subject. Agreed that certain work will “move you” more than others, but in the end this is a process and a journey most artists are on and it has to happen naturally. We as consumers are not in control.

    Price increase –
    We increased the price and qty of prints for a few reasons. Artists that are continuing to exhibit and produce editions will always have their work increase in value. It is a supply and demand issue. Trust me when I tell you that we (Arkitip) and Evan thought long and hard about raising the price for the prints. The last thing we want to do is alienate our collectors and customers. The increase was very minimal, considering the original price was kept the same for well over a year.

    Quantity increase –
    One of Arkitip’s founding principals is to make art affordable and accessible. The rate in which Evan’s work was selling was not allowing interested collectors a chance to own a print. People were buying 3, 4 prints at a time with the intent to mark them up and have them sell at your favorite auction website. Sure, this is great for business but we would rather everyone a chance to own his work, at the price we decide.

    I am sure you will have comments and opinions on this, we felt that we should comment as to answer some of the questions posted.

    Again, thanks for the support, we do appreciate all the interest.

  18. Enjoy all those unsold Hecox prints.

  19. Stoney, chill out.

  20. That was put very nicely Arkitip. I actually love Evan’s style and subject matter and now have the time to choose which I spend my dough on. Imagine everyone back in the day sitting around and talking about how Monet was just painting the saaaaame old lily garden over and over again… or how the godfather of posters, Toulouse-Lautrec, drew the same brothel scenes and whores….

  21. Thanks Artkip – Good to hear the “other side of the story” for once and the thought behind the actions – Maybe this should be openly communicated before the moves are done. I appreciate the time taken.

    Re buying 3-4 and reselling – so what if people did. He wasn’t hurting from the fact except maybe artkip wanted a bit more of the Ebay price they saw ?
    Now removing the ability his image has lost “shine” as the prints arn’t selling and people actually like the idea that they can buy to flip later at a profit if need be. Maybe that was a major mistake that could be removed.

    Also Kangorillapig – I like Mr Hecox’s work but in all honestly Mr Hecox isn’t Monet. To compare and pit these two together does not really sit right. I doubt Mr Hecox wishes to be compared to that great Monet.

    Cheers All

  22. Sorry Sacha, I didn’t mean to put them in the same canon, just they’re all artists doing their own thang is what I meant (i’m not great at saying what I mean), and no, it seems unlikely that galleries will be purpose built for Hecox works in the future, or that retrospectives will be held in the V&A, but I do believe a lot of whats going on here will have its little place in art/graphic design history, hecox included…..MAYBE EVEN THIS BEAUTIFUL BLOG?!?!?!

  23. To me the logical assumption seems to be to raise the price to $125 and limit them 1 per customer. Makes more sense in my mind than doubling the run and upping the price simultaneously. But that being said run your business how you think is best if it means you only sell 100 of the 200 you are still making quite a bit more money than you were before the change.

  24. To me the logical assumption seems to be to raise the price to $125 and limit them 1 per customer. Makes more sense in my mind than doubling the run and upping the price simultaneously. But that being said run your business how you think is best if it means you only sell 100 of the 200 you are still making quite a bit more money than you were before the change.

  25. I certainly wish as much thought went into producing two more versions of Mexico City. I bought one from the first run and didn’t know I was effectively buying an edition of 300 vice 100. I mean, come on, when you hit a home run like that – it sold out quickly – don’t rush to the well so fast next time.

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