New Art Print by Nate Duval: “Seattle”

After the success of his Brooklyn art print, Nate Duval has decided to continue exploring popular locales in his “Landmark” series.  This new one for Seattle is approximately 18″ x 24″, has an edition of 100, and is $35.  If you don’t own one of Nate’s handmade art prints yet, check this one out.  Visit

12 Responses to “New Art Print by Nate Duval: “Seattle””

  1. This is nicely done, but when is that area ever not that crowded in the day? Hmmmm

  2. Because Nate doesn’t like to see pple like you on his drawings maybe ?

  3. joso: the question was fair and you attack it with a reply that sounded like it came from the GOP convention

  4. Ha. I drew this “personless” because you never see the market without people and I thought it would make for a cool image.

    That, and tiny people are just too hard to draw 🙂

  5. Thanks Nate. It is a cool image. I was just wondering because I visited that part of Seattle and it was ALWAYS packed like crazy. What an interesting concept.

    Wow Joso – I was just posing a question.

    Recycler, with the current poll results I fear that the book burners may just get elected and we won’t be allowed to talk or ask any questions if they go against the opinions of Fox News. Scary times.

  6. Nate, will you do a Bakersfield, California one anytime soon?

  7. k sorry, no intention to be aggresive, just was kidding as Jennifer’s question was sounding to me like “why is the car red ?” or “why is there no bird in the sky ? “, Nate has his reasons he gave, so let’s chill & hope Fox’s opinions & book burners won’t win ; as a non-USA-resident I can tell that’s what most of pple are waiting.

  8. *waiting for.

  9. Hey Joso –

    Yeah, it’s very stressful times here. And I’ve been way more on alert lately and hypersensitive the more I learn how ignorant and easily manipulated so many Americans are. Have a good day Joso =)

  10. There’s so much HOPE from all over the world looking @ USA !

    OMGPosters blogers’ opinion will win !

    I love you Jennifer 🙂

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one waiting for a Nate Duval Obama print

  12. I would love to see that. Love to you too!

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